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CBD + CBDA Dose for Dogs & Cats

Owner gives dog CBD oil

CBD and CBDA seem to be constantly in the news, with a wide variety of opinions on what it can and can’t do for our pets, and how much is the right amount to give our dogs and cats. With the myriad of conflicting advice, it can be hard to know which product to buy and how much to give to your pet. The answer comes down to science. Science and data will tell you what you need to know.  

ElleVet Sciences’ research and clinical trials have not only proven that ElleVet CBD + CBDA is highly effective and safe, but also have proven the correct dosing for different species and different issues. ElleVet is the only CBD + CBDA product for pets that has been proven to work in clinical trials in areas such as joint discomfort, itching, neuro support, and both situational and everyday stress. 

However, for CBD + CBDA to work for your pet, also you need the right dose. How much CBD + CBDA should you give your pet? The answer depends on a few variables, such as the type of pet (dog or cat), what it is being used for, and the individual pet. 

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Why is accurate dosing for CBD + CBDA important? 

Think about it this way: you would not take a quarter of an aspirin for a pounding headache; it simply would not work. Accurate dosing is the key to success with CBD + CBDA products, as well. Because dosing depends on species, different issues, and the individual pet, the right dose, or even a small adjustment in dosing can make a significant difference. 

ElleVet Sciences’ research has proven that CBDA increases absorption as well as promoting a powerful anti-inflammatory response. In fact, some animals only absorb CBDA, so ElleVet’s 1:1 CBD + CBDA blend ensures your pet is getting an effective product. In a groundbreaking research study, ElleVet investigated CBD and CBDA absorption in dogs and found that CBDA is better absorbed and retained than CBD, but that CBDA also helps with absorption and retention of CBD, so both work better with a 1:1 ratio. 

Different dosing for different species 

As with any product, giving the right amount of CBD + CBDA is essential for it to work. ElleVet has conducted extensive pharmacokinetic, or metabolic, studies to determine accurate dosing for both species and conditions. In fact, ElleVet is the only company that has completed pharmacokinetic studies on our product with multiple species, as well as long-term safety studies on dogs and cats. This is important because CBD + CBDA dosing for dogs is different than it is for cats and both are quite different than the dosing for horses! 

Owner gives cat CBD feline oil

Why do cats require different dosing than dogs? 

Cats require a higher dose of CBD +CBDA per kilogram of body weight than dogs do. This is because cats metabolize and eliminate CBD + CBDA much faster than dogs. ElleVet recommends CBD + CBDA be given to felines two to three times a day, every day.  

How much ElleVet CBD + CBDA should I give my cat? 

ElleVet has determined that 2 milligrams of CBD + CBDA per kg of weight (2mg/kg) is needed to effectively address joint discomfort, itching, stress, and both cognitive and neuro support. 

ElleVet has two feline products, oil and paste. ElleVet’s research has proven that cats respond incredibly well to CBD + CBDA oil, but many cats find the taste and smell of the oil to be challenging. ElleVet has also developed a feline paste for exactly this reason. The chicken liver flavor is highly palatable, so most cats not only accept, but enjoy their dose.  

Unique issues require unique dosing 

ElleVet’s research shows that dosing for joint discomfort is different than dosing for itching, stress, neuro support, cognitive support, and overall senior wellness. The baseline doses ElleVet recommends are the lowest therapeutic levels. However, every animal is different, and every issue is unique. There is a range to account for individual responses, and the dose can be increased to achieve optimal response. 

  • Itching— ElleVet Sciences has extensively studied CBD and CBDA for their ability to help regulate the inflammatory response. CBD and CBDA is able to reduce the sensation of irritation on your dog’s skin and provide much needed relief. ElleVet Sciences’ clinical trial on dogs with itchy skin (pruritis) showed that a 2mg/kg dose given twice daily is extremely effective. Dogs that did not respond to other products for itching responded extremely well to CBD + CBDA at this level. Some dogs respond better at a dose of 3mg/kg.  
  • Joint discomfort—ElleVet’s research has found that with joint discomfort, a loading dose for the first week of 1.5 mg/kg in the morning and evening, and a maintenance dose of 0.75mg/kg administered twice every day thereafter. If the maintenance dose is not enough support, dogs can safely remain on the loading dose or even increase up to 2mg/kg through the course of their ElleVet use. 
    CBD + CBDA helps your dog by modulating their inflammatory response and perception of discomfort. For everyday discomfort, ElleVet recommends CBD + CBDA chews, soft gels, or oils. For occasional or situational discomfort, high-potency Calm & Comfort chews will have them feeling back to normal in about 90 minutes. These chews contain 46mg of CBD + CBDA. The recommended dose for Calm & Comfort is 4mg/kg. 
  • Stress—Just like humans, all dogs experience stress differently. ElleVet has found that at minimum, 2mg/kg dose twice a day is needed for stress support. This can be increased to 4mg/kg as needed. Stress has the widest dosing range, as it varies from dog to dog. 
    ElleVet’s Calm & Comfort situational use chews provide maximum support for dogs in stressful situations like fireworks, thunderstorms, and vet visits. These chews contain 46mg of CBD + CBDA. The recommended dose for Calm & Comfort is 4mg/kg. 
  • Neuro support—For neuro support, a range between 2 to 4mg/kg twice daily is needed. 
  • Palliative care—All you want is to keep your dog comfortable and happy as they approach the end of their life. For senior dogs and palliative support, CBD + CBDA dosing can vary depending on your dog’s comfort, starting at 2mg/kg twice-a-day dose. 

What is dosing based on? 

Dosing for CBD + BDA is based on your pet’s body weight and how fast they eliminate the product.  ElleVet’s pharmacokinetic study found that CBD + CBDA needs to be taken twice daily for dogs, 2-3 times daily for cats, and once a day for horses. Birds need about 30 times their body weight! 

You should also consider whether your pet has multiple issues for which they are using CBD + CBDA. If your pet has multiple areas of concern, dosing should follow recommendations for the use case that requires the highest dose. 

How long does it take for CBD + CBDA to work? 

The timeline for when you can expect to see results while your pet is using ElleVet’s CBD + CBDA is anywhere between two days and one week. Some pet owners see a noticeable improvement within 24 hours, while a few dogs can take up to a week. Note that administering CBD + CBDA with a meal will increase absorption. 

The importance of personalized support 

As a pet owner, you should be able to contact the CBD company and speak with an expert about your individual pet’s unique needs. It is important to be able to talk to a professional on the phone to get dosing guidance based on your pet’s size, age, health, preferences, and a wide variety of other factors. 

ElleVet’s customer service team is always available to offer personalized dosing support. If your pet isn’t experiencing your desired results, ElleVet can provide dosing recommendations specific to your pet that can make a world of difference. 

For any questions about dosing for ElleVet’s CBD + CBDA products or how CBD can help your pet have the best quality of life, give us a call (844-673-7287) or send us an email ([email protected]). We are here to help.