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About ElleVet Sciences

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The Story of ElleVet

What’s the Story?

ElleVet started as a kitchen table conversation that ignited the spark of possibility. Could CBD be the new frontier in animal health? Amanda and Christian, our founders, sensed the enormous potential in that question, to create something life-changing for animals and took the leap with a commitment to doing it right. Fast forward 5 years and an idea in a kitchen has become a company that is the leader in the CBD + CBDA for pets industry, the leader in scientific discovery, and has grown to a multi-facility company with offices in around the US and the world.

Amanda and Christian initially spent a year immersed in research, mapping out how to develop a truly groundbreaking product. After talking to biochemists, physicians, growers, and CBD experts from all over the world, that information led to choosing the strain, the formulation of the product, and the extraction method which would result in the now legendary ElleVet CBD + CBDA proprietary product.

The next step was answering the question, “Does this product actually work?”. After reaching out to multiple veterinary schools to see if there was interest in conducting a clinical trial with two unknown people, with a brand new company and a product that had never been tried, the partnership with Cornell and Dr. Joe Wakshlag was formed.

The rest is history. Dr. Joe led the astoundingly successful first-ever clinical trial on dogs with joint discomfort, the first pharmacokinetic study, the first safety study, and the first published paper, which is now the most downloaded paper from the publisher of all time. The study was conducted in 2017 and to date, no other company has been able to prove efficacy. We are now 30 R&D projects deep and are making original discoveries which lead to making better and better products for dogs and cats.

During the Covid19 pandemic, while the country was shutting down, Amanda and Christian saw the opportunity to help a segment of pets that they had not reached- homeless pets. They formed The ElleVet Project and flew to California where the homeless pet population is greatest, and spent the summer of 2020 giving free veterinary care to pets of the homeless. That project is now a registered 501(c)3 and the project is expanding with the goal of providing free veterinary care across the country.

Amanda and Christian led the company through such incredible growth that they had to move to a bigger facility every year until they found a space large enough to grow with ElleVet. Now, with an extraordinary team of employees, with Dr. Joe leading cutting-edge research and a continuing commitment to doing the right thing for pets and leading the industry, the future of ElleVet is boundless.

What is the secret to our success? The answer is the same as our company philosophy: Do the right thing, do what is best for animals, trust science, and always be learning.

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Nothing is more rewarding than innovating for animals.

ElleVet Sciences was created because we discovered a way to truly elevate the lives of animals and their owners by developing safe, effective hemp CBD + CBDA.
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Science, compassion, and inspiration.

Our team’s combined backgrounds in science, medicine, business, and veterinary medicine reflects a dedication to animals through research and innovation.
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A partnership with overwhelming results.

In a clinical trial at the Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine, over 75% of participating dogs showed significant or dramatic improvement while using products from ElleVet Sciences. Some owners were moved to tears by their pet’s progress.