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Clinical Trial CBD for Dogs

Why are dog owners so excited about ElleVet Sciences? Because of the results of a recent clinical trial.


Introduction to Ellevet Sciences and Their Joint/Mobility Support Products for Pets

It’s unconditional love. It is friendship. They don’t judge you. They’re just a lot of fun. I can’t imagine my life without a dog. When she was 12, she just started to have a hard time—getting up from sitting down from laying down, and getting up steps. Looking back now, there was a time when she wouldn’t go up the stairs. She’s been tough to regulate her pain throughout her whole life. We’ve tried everything. As a clinician who’s just finished a study looking at ElleVet, we see a lot of dogs that are feeling their age, and we’re trying to keep them going, just trying to keep them pain-free.

Every dog had a positive response we heard when they were on ElleVet. We don’t have many options in veterinary medicine. This is the first product that I can safely and dependably say has a definite effect on pain relief for dogs. A game-changer is not often used. We have another tool in the toolbox. But this is a hammer in your toolbox. You use the hammer all the time.


The Improvement Was Almost Overnight

We noticed almost an immediate difference. He started jumping on and off the coach. He was running around. He wanted to play with his frisbee again. We got it on a Thursday, and by Saturday, she was running around the yard playing with my other dog, which she hadn’t done in years.

One of the great things she started doing again was being more playful. She started rolling around on her back. Those of us who were out here just instantly lit up. It will be nice to have a product that we know is safe. That we know is effective. That we know the dose that we are giving every single day, she’s much happier.

Quality of Life

Her quality of life is greatly improved. This means our quality of life is greatly enhanced because we want her to be happy. And we’re so glad. This is going to be a fantastic tool for pain management. 

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*ElleVet is interested in clinical trials from foundations or Universities using our products.  Any clinical trial funded will only pay up to 30% of indirect costs.