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How does CBD + CBDA help with joint discomfort in dogs?

Senior large breed dog climbs down stairs

Approximately 80 percent of dogs older than eight experience some form of joint discomfort, according to research by Dr. Spencer Johnson published in Veterinary Clinics of North America: Small Animal Practice. A survey from Packaged Facts notes that more than 31 million U.S. households have at least one senior pup. That’s a lot of dogs with discomfort! All dogs are susceptible to joint issues as they age. However, onset can happen earlier in large breeds, such as Great Danes, and those with long spines, such as Dachshunds. Fortunately, CBD can help with joint discomfort.

Some dogs tend to be stoic and it can be hard to tell if your pup is experiencing discomfort. Pet parents will often attribute their dog slowing down or losing interest in activities to aging. However, it might be due to discomfort. So, how can you tell if your pup might be experiencing joint discomfort? There are a few key indicators to look for. 

  • Does your dog have difficulty getting up off their bed in the morning? 
  • Has your dog stopped climbing stairs or hesitate before climbing stairs? 
  • Have they stopped jumping in or out of the car? 
  • Has your pup stopped playing with toys or other dogs as much as they used to? 
  • Restlessness, panting, agitation 
  • Decreased appetite 
  • Stiffness or lameness 

All pet parents want to see their pup’s body be able to keep up with their will to play. If you see any of the above signs, it might be time to look for relief for your furry best friend. Unfortunately, while commonly used products can work in addressing joint discomfort, they often come with negative side effects. This is particularly true with long-term use.   

A very effective option is CBD + CBDA. A high-quality CBD + CBDA product can be a helpful, safe alternative to commonly used pet products. However, there are hundreds of CBD products on the market. Many of them are poor quality, so how do you know which CBD + CBDA is right for your dog? And how do you find the right CBD + CBDA product? 

There are several important questions to ask when choosing a product. Most importantly, does the product contain CBDA? 

Why is CBDA important for addressing joint discomfort? 

When it comes to CBD products, CBDA is crucial for both absorption and the anti-inflammatory effect. ElleVet Sciences’ research has proven that CBDA increases absorption and is extremely effective in dampening the inflammatory response. In fact, some animals only absorb CBDA, so ElleVet’s 1:1 CBD + CBDA blend ensures your pet getting an effective product. 

In a groundbreaking research study, ElleVet investigated CBD and CBDA absorption in dogs and found that CBDA is better absorbed and retained than CBD. It also maximizes the effect of CBD. CBDA’s superior absorption and retention offer great promise in veterinary use, as this means a superior response with ElleVet products. 

Backed by science 

ElleVet partnered with Cornell University’s College of Veterinary Medicine to conduct the first pharmacokinetic (PK) study and clinical trial on the use of cannabinoids in dogs with multi-joint discomfort, using ElleVet’s proprietary CBD + CBDA blend.  

The results of the study were extraordinary, with over 80 percent of dogs showing a significant or dramatic positive response. According to Dr. Joe Wakshlag, the veterinarian who conducted the Cornell study, ElleVet’s product is “…a game changer that could change the face of veterinary medicine.” The study was all the more impressive because the dogs enrolled in the study did so as a last ditch effort, and were the worst of the worst in terms of joint discomfort and quality of life. The extraordinary relief they experienced is evident in the fact that several of the dogs in the study, who actually had a euthanasia date scheduled, responded so well that they lived an additional two years with a good quality of life.  

Annie’s story 

Old German Shepherd plays outside

Watching a dog who was once a young, energetic puppy get older and slow down can be difficult. At the age of 13, Annie the German Shepherd was having a hard time getting around and it was clear to her family and veterinarian that her quality of life was rapidly deteriorating. Unable to navigate stairs, keep up with her canine siblings, or show interest in her family, Annie didn’t have much more fight left in her. 
In 2016, Annie’s parents had scheduled euthanasia for her. They heard about ElleVet’s clinical trial on dogs with joint discomfort at Cornell University’s College of Veterinary Medicine and enrolled Annie as a last hope. Within 48 hours of taking the ElleVet CBD + CBDA oil, Annie exhibited significant improvement in her mobility and joint discomfort and climbed the stairs to sleep in her parent’s bedroom for the first time in four years. Annie’s mom was a veterinary technician at Cornell, and she showed up in the office of the veterinarian conducting the trial in tears of joy and relief—she had her beloved dog back. 

Annie no plays in the backyard with her family and engages in activities and behaviors that hadn’t been physically possible for her in years. Annie lived an additional two years on ElleVet, which is a story that we hear over and over from pet parents. According to Dr. Wakshlag, “I’ve never had someone in my office crying about how well a product works before!” 

CBD + CBDA dosing for joint discomfort 

Dosing for joint discomfort is different than dosing for itching or for stress, and cats require different dosing than dogs. ElleVet has done the science to determine accurate dosing for our products. The proven dosing recommendation for joint discomfort is a loading dose for week one of 1.5 mg/kg twice daily, and a maintenance dose of 0.75mg/kg twice daily. If the maintenance dose is not enough support, we’ve found that pets can safely remain on the loading dose through the course of their ElleVet use. 

Is CBD + CBDA safe? 

In 2019, ElleVet published a successful safety study on dogs and cats. In addition to confirming the long-term safety of using our products, the study also looks at how long the product remains in the body and how much absorbs. This enables us to provide the most accurate dosing. These studies are the only safety studies on both dogs and cats and the results published. At ElleVet, we put safety, quality, and science first so both pet parents and veterinarians can feel confident in our product. 

Finding the right CBD + CBDA product 

So, how do you find the right product and which questions do you need to have answered before buying? CBD + CBDA can be a good alternative to commonly used products, but it’s important to emphasize that not all CBD + CBDA is created equal. The results of a study using one product cannot be applied to another product. When researching CBD + CBDA products for your pet, ask these questions: 

  1. Has the product been tested in clinical trials? Can you see the paper and study results? ElleVet remains the only CBD + CBDA product proven to work in multiple clinical trials. Our joint discomfort study with Cornell University’s College of Veterinary Medicine had an over 80 percent success rate!  
  1. Does the company grow its own product or buy from a bulk manufacturer? ElleVet grows, extracts, and manufactures its own product, allowing us to have control over every step of the process.   
  1. Does the product contain a 1:1 ratio of CBD to CBDA? The acidic form, CBDA, is crucial to the success of the product. ElleVet’s product contains 50 percent CBDA, as it is proven essential for absorption and anti-inflammatory response.  
  1. Which extraction method was used? The most commonly used extraction method, CO2 extraction of CBD, doesn’t allow for preserving the acidic forms such as CBDA.  
  1. Has the company conducted safety studies on dogs and cats? In 2019, ElleVet published a successful safety study that confirmed the long-term safety of using our products.   
  1. Is there a Certificate of Analysis (COA) and a heavy metal and pesticide test available upon request? Every ElleVet batch is tested for consistency and purity, and each product has a COA and batch number readily available.  
  1. Is the dosing based on science and specific for each species and application? With multiple extensive metabolic studies, ElleVet offers the most accurate and effective dosing for multiple species and multiple concerns, backed by science and data. 

Bottom line 

ElleVet’s CBD + CBDA products work better for joint discomfort than many commonly used options and are extremely safe for pets. We were the first company to conduct a clinical trial using our CBD + CBDA formula in dogs, and we now have the only product with accurate dosing and proven effectiveness and safety. 

ElleVet products are backed by science because our motto is to do our best for pets, and we embody that sentiment in everything we do, from customer service to growing our own product to clinical trials.  Your pet trusts you and veterinarians trust us, and we earn that trust every day.