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A cat parent’s guide to CBD for felines

cat taking cbd oil

Cats can be wonderful companions, and cat parents want to take the best care of their feline friends. However, cats tend to be picky and unpredictable. They also have very few safe and effective options when it comes to relief for common issues like joint discomfort and general stress. Cats are not small dogs. When it comes to caring for them, cats have different safety tolerances. 

Unlike dogs, who often aren’t subtle about communicating their thoughts, opinions, and feelings, cats can be a little harder to read. They tend to be more independent, stubborn, and will often hide their discomfort. This can lead cat parents to miss signs that their feline isn’t feeling their best. So, what can cat owners do to help? 

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How can CBD + CBDA support your cat’s health? 

CBD and CBDA are extremely promising new options for cats. ElleVet Sciences is setting the standard with the highest quality feline CBD + CBDA products. They work extraordinarily well for joint support, stress, itching, and neuro support.  

How does CBD + CBDA support your cat? The endocannabinoid system (ECS) is one of the most important and largest systems in the body of all mammals. The function of the ECS is to keep the body in a state of good health and balance, or in a state of homeostasis. Simply put, the job of the endocannabinoid system is to right whatever is wrong in the body. This helps explain why CBD + CBDA work for multiple different issues.   

There is virtually no physiological or cognitive process that isn’t related in some manner to the ECS. Whether it be an inflammatory response, a cognitive issue, or digestive upset, the ECS works with cannabinoid receptors throughout the body, which are activated by CBD + CBDA, terpenes, and other smaller cannabinoids, to bring your feline’s body back into balance. 

Proven safe and effective 

As any veterinarian will tell you, safety in cats is both a major concern and a limitation to helping cats. Some common products cats can only safely use for a few days. Some can’t be used at all. A safe and effective feline product is highly sought after and game-changing for cats.  

ElleVet conducted a long-term safety study on cats with our product, providing proof that our feline products are safe for use on cats. In fact, our products are the only CBD + CBDA products to be proven safe for felines.  

Safety is the first consideration with a cat product but the second is certainly, does it work? With ElleVet’s feline CBD + CBDA, the answer is a resounding yes! Cats absorb CBDA extremely well and respond equally well. Senior cats who struggle to get around often will be running around the house again. Cats that are stressed, which often goes along with discomfort, are happy and friendly again. It is extraordinary to see the positive responses and life-changing results for cats. 

Dosing is key 

Dosing has to be specific for cats. One size does not fit all, which goes for every species. Humans, dogs, cats, and horses all have different dosing requirements. ElleVet has done the metabolic testing to ensure that cats are getting the right dose for them, and given in the right time intervals.    

Our research has shown that CBD + CBDA dosing for cats is in fact quite different than for dogs. As it turns out, cats require a higher dose than dogs do. This is because cats metabolize CBD + CBDA much faster than dogs. They also eliminate it faster, requiring a more frequent dosing schedule. As with any product, giving the right amount produces the best results. This dosing information is key in helping cats feel their best. 

ElleVet’s groundbreaking feline paste 

If there’s one thing all cat parents know, it’s that cats can be very particular and picky about pretty much everything. This includes what they eat, and hunger strikes are not an uncommon occurrence in households with cats. All cats are different. Having a variety of options is essential to maximizing the chances of finding something that works for them. 

ElleVet’s research has proven that cats respond incredibly well to our CBD + CBDA oil, but many cats find the taste and smell of the oil to be challenging. In addition to providing an option to fill empty capsules with oil, ElleVet has also developed a feline paste for exactly this reason. Our CBD + CBDA Feline Complete Paste contains our proprietary full spectrum CBD + CBDA. Our paste is extremely effective in addressing joint discomfort, stress, itching, and neuro support. The chicken liver flavor is finicky eater approved, so most cats not only accept, but enjoy their dose.  

Helping as many animals as possible is the goal at ElleVet Sciences. We do this by doing the research necessary to make sure our products are safe, that they work extremely well, and to make sure that you can easily give our CBD + CBDA to your pet. A happy and comfortable cat is our goal with our feline products and we think that you will be happy with the results! 

Happy cats, happy owners! 

“The change in my 19-year-old cat is vividly clear. She was beginning to barely move and her hind legs struggled to hold her up. After 30 days, she’s jumping up on chairs and tables, standing upright to scratch the couch, and basically being an entitled old lady with the mobility of a middle-aged cat. I’m only interested in quality-of life-care in my cat’s waning years, and this product has absolutely helped my cat be her best self and enjoy life again in a new light!” 

As always, consult your veterinarian before starting your pet on any new products. For any questions about ElleVet’s CBD + CBDA products or how CBD + CBDA can help your feline friend live their best life, give us a call (844-673-7287) or send us an email ([email protected]). We are here to help.