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Bernie’s Story: How an Uncomfortable, Itchy, and Stressed-Out Dog Overcame His Issues!

Bernie Calm and Comfort

Dear ElleVet,

I wanted to write in and tell you the story of my dog Bernie because it is so extraordinary and because a paragraph just wasn’t enough.  Bernie likes a good story, so he approves!

Bernie is an incredibly handsome eight-year-old Beagle/Bassett Hound mix who has benefited from Ellevet CBD for dogs in so many ways. He’d like to audition to be the company mascot if possible!  He originally started on the CBD chews a couple of years ago for his elbows, which never felt good due to an angular limb deformity. Poor Bernie was on all sorts of products to try and get some relief.  After being on the chews for a month, we could eliminate everything else and use just the chews. Yahoo!

Atopic Dermatitis in Dogs

After your clinical trial on atopic dermatitis was released, Bernie was beyond excited because he is plagued with allergies from basically everything outside. He switched from chews to oil, so we could quickly increase his dose to the level needed to manage his itching.  After being on the increased amount for two months, we could discontinue his monthly Cytopoint injections! Bernie was ready to throw an ElleVet themed party at this point.

Going to the Vet with Bernie

But wait, there is more to the story!  Bernie has also significantly benefited from Calm and Comfort. Poor Bernie originally came from a puppy mill and had severe fear aggression as a young dog.  He required sedation and a muzzle at the vet, which made his fear of the vet worse. It was tough to see him so fearful and not be able to help. When we heard about Calm and Comfort, we started using it weekly to practice “friendly visits” to the vet.  Over time, the veterinary staff was able to gain his trust, feed him treats, and start petting him. 

Situational Stress

Fast forward six months and Bernie is now the model patient for the vet!  He no longer requires a muzzle and is happy to be bribed with treats for complete exams, vaccines, toenail trims, and ear cleanings!  The change in his confidence when walking into the vet is fantastic!  It makes Bernie and I almost cry thinking about all he has overcome to get to the happy and comfortable dog he is today. 

Thank you, ElleVet.I hope you enjoyed the tale of Bernie, the wonder dog.

-Bernie’s Mom

Our Clinical Studies

Bernie! With a Tie.
Bernie! What a Good Boy!

What an incredible story and thank you for sharing it with us!   The road to being able to help Bernie and thousands of other dogs has been a long one, starting with years of research before we even launched our first product.  To do the right thing for animals is what guides us, and science is the way to do what is best.  We did our clinical trial on dogs with joint discomfort for Bernie’s stiffness.  For his itching, we did both a clinical trial on itching and pharmacokinetic studies so we could determine the correct dose for itching (which is quite a bit higher than for stiffness).  We did another study for extreme situational stress to find the most effective dose and the right timing for maximum effectiveness.  There is nothing better than hearing how we can safely and effectively change the life of a dog like Bernie, who has been through so much and who deserves all the happiness and comfort we can provide. -ElleVet Sciences