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Certificate of Analysis

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ElleVet Sciences Certificate of Analysis (COA) Library

What is a COA?

A Certificate of Analysis, or “COA,” is an important aspect of any healthcare supplement. Simply put, a COA shows you exactly what the product contains. A COA will tell you which cannabinoids are present and in what quantities, which terpenes are present and the potency of the product. For example, you can see how much CBD, how much CBDA, how many different terpenes and the mg/ml which tells you the potency. If you are speaking with a reputable company, a COA should be available for each product you plan on trying or have already purchased. View a recent COA here.

View the COA for the ElleVet Sciences product you have purchased

First, you will need to find the batch number specific to your product. Batch numbers will be presented as a short series of letters and numbers. An example of an ElleVet Sciences batch number may be: A0001

  • Mobility Chews: If you have purchased a bag of ElleVet Mobility Chews, you will find a batch number printed on the back of each bag in the bottom right corner.
  • Complete Oil: If you have purchased a bottle of ElleVet Complete Oil for dogs, or our Feline Oil, the batch number can be found printed on a sticker on the bottom of each bottle.
  • Soft Gels: If you have purchased a bottle of ElleVet Soft Gels, the batch number can be found printed on a sticker on the bottom of the bottle.
  • Calm & Comfort Chews: If you have purchased a box of C&C Chews, the batch number can be found printed on a sticker on the bottom of the inside tray.
  • Feline Complete Paste: If you have purchased Feline Complete Paste, the batch number can be found printed on the back of the box. 

Next, look up the corresponding batch number using the search field below. The link that matches your batch number will show the full COA for that product. Contact us if you have any questions or concerns while looking up the COA associated with your product. We are happy to help!

B21801 B21802 B21803 B21804 B21805 B25901 B25902 B25903 B25904 B25905 B259006 B259007 B260001 B260002 B260003 B260004 B273001 B273002 B273003 B273005 B273006 B273007 B273008 B273009 B273010 B273011 B315001 B315002 B315003 B315004 B315005 B315006 B315007 B315008 B315009 B315010 B315011 B336001 B338001 B338002 B338003 B338004 B338005 B338006 B338007 B338008 B338009 B338010 B338011 B338012 B379001 B379002 B379003 B379004 B379005 B379006 B379007 B379008 B379010 B379011 B404001 B404002 B404003 B404004 B404005 B404006 B404007 B404008 B442001 B442002 B442003 B442004 B442005 B442006 B442007 B442009 B455001 B455002 B455005 B455006 B455007 B455008 B455009 B455010 B503001 B503002 B503003 B503004 B503005 B503006 B503007 B503008 B520001 B521001 B521002 B521003 B521004 B521005 B521006 B521007 B521008 B521009 B521010 B521011 B521012 B521014 B521015 B521016 B544001 B544002 B544003 B544004 B544005 B544006 B544007 A0071 A21801 A21802 A21803 A21804 A21805 A21806 A21807 A21808 A21809 A21810 A21811 A21812 A21813 A21814 A21815 A21817 A259001 A259002 A259003 A259004 A259005 A259006 A259007 A260001 A260002 A260003 A260004 A260005 A260006 A273001 A273002 A273003 A273004 A273005 A273006 A273007 A273008 A273009 A273010 A273011 A273012 A273013 A273014 A273015 A273016 A273017 A273018 A273019 A315001 A315002 A315003 A315004 A315005 A315006 A315007 A315008 A315009 A315010 A336001 A336002 A336003 A336004 A338001 A338002 A338003 A338004 A338005 A338006 A338007 A338008 A338009 A338010 A338011 A338012 A338013 A338014 A338015 A338016 A338017 A338018 A338019 A338020 A338021 A338022 A338023 A379001 A379002 A379003 A379005 A379006 A379007 A379008 A379009 A379010 A379011 A379012 A379015 A379016 A379017 A379018 A441002 A441003 A441004 A441006 A441007 A441008 A441009 A441011 A441012 A469001 A469002 A469003 A469004 A469005 A469006 A469007 A469008 A469009 A469010 A469011 A469012 A502001 A502002 A502003 A502004 A502005 A502006 A502007 A502008 A503001 A503002 A520001 A520002 A520003 A520004 A520005 A520006 A520007 A520011 A520013 A520014 A520015 A520016 A543001 A543002 A543003 A543004 A543005 A543007 A543008 A543009 A565001 A565002 A565003 A565004 A565005 A565006 E71001 E71002 E71003 E71004 E71005 E71006 E286001 E286002 E286003 E286004 E286005 E286006 E286007 E287001 E287002 E287003 E287004 E287005 E363001 E364001 E364002 E364003 E365001 E365002 E365003 E369001 E369002 E369003 E369004 E369005 E369006 E369007 E370003 E442001 E442002 E442003 E453001 E453002 E453003 E453004 E370001 E370002 E370003 E370004 E370005 E370006 E371001 E371002 E371003 E371004 E371005 E371007 E371009 E371010 E503002 E521001 E544003 E544004 D21802 D21803 D273001 D379002 D404001 D442001 D442004 D455001 D455002 D455005 D455007 D503001 D503003 D503005 D522001 D522004 D522008 B522001 F522002 F522003 B544008 B544009 B544010 B544011 B544012 B544013 E544010 E544011 E544013 D544003 B544014 E544015 E544016 D544001 D544004 A601001 A601002 A601003 A601004 A601005 A601006 A601007 A601008 A601009 A601010 B521013 B607001 B607002 B607003 E607001 E607002 E607006 E607004 B607004 B607005 B607006 B607007 B607008 F522004 E371011 F522005 E606001 E606002 B606004 A606003 B618001 B618002 B618003 B618004 B618005 B618006 D618001 D618002 D618003 D618004 D618005 D618006 E618004 A619001 A619002 A619003 A619004 A619005 A624001 A624002 A624003 A624005 B625002 B625004 B625005 B625009 B625011 B625012 D625001 D625002 D625003 D625004 E625004 E625009 E625010 A638001 B639003 B639004 B639006 B639007 B639009 D639002 D639003 D639004 E639004 E639005
*Please note that Proverde, the 3rd party lab that tests our products, does not test for CBCa, which accounts for 2-3% of our profile.