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Best CBD for Pets: A Guide To Help You choose

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Nothing is more important to dog and cat owners than the health of their pets.

Making sure they not only have the right product, but also a safe product, is critical.

We want nothing more than to have our pets happy and act like their old selves with peace of mind that they are not being harmed by the products we give them. With so many hemp and CBD products out there claiming to cure a variety of conditions, how do you know which one you should choose?

The good news is that there has never been a wider variety of choices for pet owners when it comes to treating four-legged family members when they are in pain. But unfortunately, not all hemp and CBD products (from CBD oils to hemp mobility chews) on the market are the same, and it can sometimes be difficult to figure out what is right for your cat or dog.

So what do you need to look for in order to be confident that you are choosing the right hemp products for your pet? Below are some of the important questions you can ask to find a higher-quality hemp or CBD product for your pet.

Is The Product 3rd Party Lab Tested?

Just because a label, commercial, or website mentions some great results for a particular CBD or hemp product does not mean the results are verifiable, accurate, or unbiased. The most trustworthy statistics for how well a product can help a dog are ones provided by an independent 3rd party. Check to see if one (or more) has been performed on the products you are looking at, and ask the manufacturer if the Certificate of Analysis is available upon request.

Has The Product Been Tested By A University Or Accredited Institution?

A serious and reputable company will invest in research and clinical trials with veterinarians at a university or accredited institution. If a product has not gone through a clinical trial and a pharmacokinetic study, then you don’t know what you are getting, if it is safe or if it will work, and at what dose. If vets at a university have tested the product for effectiveness and safety, and the results are positive, it is a good sign that you are getting a high-quality product.

Has A Safety Study Has Been Performed On The Product?

In addition to whether the CBD/hemp product helps your dog, the product should be tested to make sure it is safe for dogs and cats. The pharmacokinetic study determines how often the product should be given and how much. The safety study determines if the right dose for pain is also safe for the dog or cat. Dogs and cats are very different and they do not metabolize products the same way. Things that are safe for dogs may not be safe for cats, and the dosing is different for dogs and cats, so it is important to ask if a company has tested to see if it is safe for your pet. It’s always great to see studies where the hemp product or CBD product makes the pets feel better, but if the safeness of the products was not looked at, there could be unintended side effects to giving your pet the product.

Are There Instructions On Administration?

Just because hemp and CBD are naturally occurring compounds does not mean that a pet can be given any amount. There is an administrative unit that will give your pet the best relief and less than the optimal dose may work a little but won’t help your dogs as much as it can. For this reason, it is important to ensure the product you are considering has clear administration amounts on the packaging to optimize the benefits for your pet.

Does The Company Have A Good And Knowledgeable Support Staff?

It would be naive for a CBD or hemp product manufacturer to think that their relationship with the pet owner should end once they buy the product. With this line of products being relatively new to the market, and with pet owners caring so much about their cats and dogs, questions and concerns are going to constantly arise. If you have questions, is there an easy way to contact the manufacturer? Is there an FAQ section on their website? Is a phone number available? Knowledgeable support staff can make a big difference in making you feel good about the choices you make when it comes to treatment for your pets.

Do Veterinarians Recommend The Product?

Veterinarians are treating your whole pet, and need to know everything that they are given and to be involved in all aspects of care. Products sold through veterinarians have gone through the rigor of passing the quality and safety scrutiny of the veterinary community. Are the products you are looking to give your pet ones that your veterinarian carries, recommends, or is perhaps using with their own pets? We always recommend checking in with your pet’s veterinarian before giving any new product. Does the company you are looking at provide support to veterinarians as well as pet owners?

ElleVet Dog RunningRemember, all hemp and CBD are not the same. There could be 10 different bottles on a shelf that say CBD oil, and each oil can have a very different effect on pets. That’s where the proper testing, information sharing, and support staff come in. It’s not just bottling CBD oil, putting a label on it, and selling it that makes a good product. A company that has done the work to find the best strains and has tested the product in a clinical trial are very important considerations in choosing a product for your dog or cat.

We all hurt when we see our pets suffering, and will do anything to make our best friends feel better. By keeping these checkpoints in mind as you research which products to buy for your pet, you will be making an informed purchasing decision. In the end, you need to feel comfortable with any product that you give your pets, and these questions can help guide you there.