Why is ElleVet Hemp CBD Better Than Any Other Brand?

Golden Retriever on hot pavement

We hear this question all the time- Why should we pick ElleVet hemp CBD over all the others out there? This is a great question and our favorite question, so we thought we would help clarify both why ElleVet is the best choice and how to differentiate between good and bad products.  There are 7 basic criteria:

1.  Has the product been tested in a clinical trial or accredited institution?  Make sure the study was done on the company’s  product, not just referring to a study done by another company as all hemp CBD is not the same.  ElleVet has completed one study with Cornell and is in 4 additional clinical trials with University of Florida Veterinary School.

2.  Is there a COA (certificate of analysis) and terpene profile available upon request?  Make sure that an analysis is available for every batch and that the bottles and bags all have a batch number.

3.  Is the product hemp derived CBD and not marijuana derived CBD that has been diluted to reduce the THC.  The product should be legally documented hemp CBD.

4. What is the mg per ml?  ElleVet hemp CBD has 50 mg per ml.  Many other products have far less mg of hemp CBD per ml, and are much less potent.  Price per mg is how to determine value.  If one company has a 30 ml bottle with 300 mg for $60 and ElleVet has a 30 ml bottle with 1500 mg for $119, ElleVet is giving you much more for your money.

5.  Is the dosing based on science?  Has the company done a pharmacokinetic study or metabolic testing on their product with a university or accredited institution?  This is how the proper dose is determined, and without this study, you cannot know the right dose or how often to give it.  ElleVet has done pharmacokinetic studies on both cats and dogs and our dosing is based on our studies and analysis by Cornell University vets.  

6. Is the company knowledgeable and able to answer your questions?  There are many questions that come up with the use of hemp CBD for your dogs and cats, and you need to get complete and accurate answers.  ElleVet customer service is available for all your questions and consults our veterinarian partners as needed.

7.  ElleVet offers a 100% efficacy guarantee for our hemp CBD products if purchased through your veterinarian.  We know it works and this is how confident we are!

Knowing that what you are giving your pet is the best hemp CBD product available, backed by science and evidence, gives you the peace of mind that you are doing your very best for your pet.