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Robert Menardi DVM, is Senior Director of Veterinary Education with ElleVet Sciences. He leads the company’s comprehensive veterinary technical education and outreach programs, and serves as the subject matter expert for members of the veterinary profession.  Dr. Menardi has worked in the veterinary medical cannabinoid arena since 2019, with key roles in education, commercialization, and research and development.  He frequently consults with clinical and academic veterinarians on the applications of cannabinoids in veterinary medicine.

Dr. Menardi worked in private clinical practice for 12 years after graduating from Colorado State University in 1990 with his DVM degree. Prior to joining ElleVet, Dr. Menardi served in multiple leadership roles in the animal health industry. Since 2002, his areas of responsibility have included technical marketing, field veterinary services, veterinary operations and professional development, biologics marketing, and pharmacovigilance. Most recently prior to ElleVet, he served as Chief Veterinary Officer for Exubrion Therapeutics.