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Behind the Hemp

A series of hemp plants in glass beakers at a CBD lab

How ElleVet Sciences Extracts Complete-Spectrum CBD+CBDA From Organic Hemp Plants

How We Grow

Our hemp is grown on our privately-owned farm in Colorado, a world-famous “hub” of hemp farming and production. Our plants are grown under controlled, pesticide-free conditions, nurtured by the clean air and fresh water of the Mountain State. Healthy female (“mother”) hemp plants, proven producers, are cloned; the use of clones (rather than seeds) helps our plants produce industry-leading consistency, with the same precise levels of cannabinoids and terpenes in batch after batch, year after year.

How We Produce

Throughout the harvest and extraction process our products are handled in tightly-controlled environments under rigorous quality-assurance procedures. After harvesting, plants are rapidly-dried and undergo our optimized extraction process, collecting natural compounds which are then turned into a pure, concentrated extract. For ElleVet Oil we add organic sesame oil to achieve a final blend, while our chews have peanut butter flavoring added for palatability and easy administration.

A female scientist tests all-natural hemp CBD in a lab.

How We Test

At ElleVet Sciences, we believe in comprehensive testing on the farm, during production, and before each batch is released. Our products are first tested at accredited 3rd-party labs, then tested again at our state-of-the-art, on-site laboratory in Portland, Maine. We ensure every product has the required profile cannabinoids and terpenes, with the potency that has been proven to work. We also test the purity of all our products to confirm there are no contaminants, so you can feel confident in their safety.

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