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What Sets ElleVet Sciences Hemp CBD Pet Products Apart

Hot Spots on Dogs

Your pet trusts you and Vets trust us.  Trust is what it all comes down to and ElleVet takes that trust seriously.

We strive to provide the best hemp CBD product available, and have the most researched and trusted hemp CBD product in veterinary medicine. 

Let us explain why we are the best:

When it comes to Hemp CBD products, not all are created equal.  You can look at 10 hemp CBD products that all contain a variety of cannabinoids, and while they look similar on paper, the reality is, they can work very differently. ElleVet spent years researching different strains to determine those strains that would be most effective and we are proud of what we have created in our proprietary blend. We have an incredibly high-quality mix of strains and a unique terpene profile, and it shows!   ElleVet Sciences has been at the forefront of hemp research for dogs and cats since its founding. This is one of the reasons why so many vets pet owners turn to us when a pain management alternative is needed. So, what exactly sets our hemp CBD products apart?

  1. Pharmacokinetic Study

Not all companies test the hemp CBD products they sell for your pets. So how do they know what dose or dosing interval your pet needs to be effective and safe? The fact is, they don’t. A pharmacokinetic study is the only way to determine the proper dose and dosing interval. To date, ElleVet Sciences is the only company that has completed pharmacokinetic testing on all their products as well as long-term safety testing for both dogs and cats. In doing so, we were able to determine that cats metabolize our product differently than dogs and therefore require a different dose than dogs.

  1. Clinical Trial

Clinical trials are important for determining the effectiveness of the hemp CBD product. It answers the question, does it work? ElleVet Science partnered with Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine to do a double-blinded placebo study on dogs.. The results showed that over 80% of the dogs on ElleVet hemp CBD showed significant or dramatic improvements in mobility and quality of life. ElleVet is currently in three more clinical trials and is willing to invest in research to provide the best product possible. As we often say, give us 48 hours and you will be amazed at how your dog responds!

  1. Extensive Safety & Quality Testing

Our pharmacokinetic studies gave us the information needed to determine the most effective dosing for dogs and cats. In addition to this, ElleVet conducted a safety study to ensure that the products were safe for dogs and cats. Our product was tested at 10 times the normal dose. At these levels, there were no side effects, not even sedation. Each batch of our products also undergoes rigorous quality control testing in order to meet our high level of quality control standards. We have a COA available for every batch and each bag and bottle has a batch number. All of this work gives our customers peace of mind that our products are effective, safe and that all labels are accurate. You know you are getting the same dose and the same high quality every single time.

  1. Vet Recommendations

In addition to partnering with one of the leading veterinary universities in the world to conduct our testing, ElleVet Sciences hemp products for dogs and cats are recommended and available at veterinarian offices throughout the country. We are committed to our partnership with veterinarians and we encourage pet owners to discuss all treatments with their vet and to work with their vet in using our hemp CBD products. We continuously conduct field trials with our veterinary partners to further obtain data on treating dogs and cats. Our goal is to provide a product that vets can trust and can feel good about recommending to their clients and those pet owners can trust to give to their beloved pet.

  1. Knowledgeable Staff

ElleVet Science is staffed with a strong team of veterinarians, scientists, and biochemists who are also dog and cat owners. We are all passionate about helping customers improve their pet’s quality of life and are always willing to answer any questions you or your vet may have about our products. Simply fill out our contact form or call (844) 673-7287 to get the conversation started!