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Clingy Felines: Why Does My Cat Follow Me Everywhere?

Clingy cat follows owner everywhere

Cats are fascinating creatures. You’ve probably met cats that prefer to hide from people completely. They find a secure place to perch and wait until the coast is clear to grab a bite. 

They’re content to nap after their meal, and if they’d like a little bit of affection before that nap, they’ll let you know. Some cats are quite the opposite. 

They’re fascinated with their human parents and always want to be included. They like to walk with their owner through their morning routine, greet them at the door when they come home from work, and even sleep next to them. 

It isn’t always a sign that something is wrong with your cat if they prefer your company, but there are a few warning signs you should watch out for. 

Why Is My Cat Clingy?

While your cat following you around the house isn’t often a cause for concern, there are a few instances where you may become concerned. Let’s look at some reasons your cat may be extra clingy. 

Your Cat Wants Something From You

Cats are very communicative animals. They just don’t have the capability of expressing what they’d like to say in words. Your cat could be following you to alert your attention. 

Maybe they’re out of food, or they’d like a special treat. The litter box could be a bit too dirty for their liking. Maybe they found a lizard in the laundry room and want you to check it out.

When this happens, stay still. Your cat may attempt to lead you where they’d like you to go. If they don’t, check on your cat’s basic needs. Make sure all the dishes are full, the litter is clean, and all seems right within your cat’s world.

Your Cat Is Trying To Get Somewhere

The outside world isn’t the safest for domestic cats, but cats are naturally curious. If your cat looks out the window and follows you, they could be attempting to slip past you and explore outside. 

Maybe they want to see what’s behind an off-limits door. Consider letting your cat explore areas of your house they may not normally see, as long as these areas are safe.

If your cat’s curiosity about the front yard won’t fade away, consider getting a cat harness and leash training your cat. You can safely take your cat for walks if they enjoy the outdoors. 

Your Cat Loves You

If your cat is naturally mellow-mannered and affectionate, they could follow you because they’d like to cuddle. If your cat enjoys being held or snuggled closely, they might follow you because they want you to hold them. 

Try picking your cat up and watch their demeanor. If they begin purring or act sleepy, they probably just want a little snuggle. 

If your cat is following you energetically, maybe even batting at your legs with their paws, your cat probably wants to play. Take out a few toys and help your cat get their daily exercise. 

You Reward Your Cat for Following You

If you don’t know why your cat is following you and you give them treats to make them happy, you’ve just taught them that following you is the best way to get snacks. Your cat will continue to follow you because you’ve promised them a reward for their behavior. 

While there’s nothing wrong with incorporating treats into your cat’s diet, they should account for less than 10 percent of your cat’s total daily intake. It’s best to save treats to reward good behavior rather than reinforce the behavior you’d like to correct.

If your cat following you is bothersome, stop rewarding your cat for following you. Save treats for occasions when your cat is resting or playing independently. Over time, your cat will realize that stalking you through the house for snacks won’t work. 

Your Cat May Be Dealing With Separation Anxiety

Some cats don’t feel safe or secure when their favorite person isn’t around. They may become destructive or go to the bathroom outside their litter box. 

Your cat might defecate in a place that smells like you, like in your bed or your shoes. As aggravating (and gross) as it may be, it’s your cat’s attempt to combine their scent with yours. 

When you’re home, they may follow you everywhere. You might sense that they’re stalking you, and you might even be worried that they’ll act aggressively. This may be your cat attempting to protect you or prevent you from leaving.

Your Cat May Have Feelings of Stress

Solutions like ElleVet CBD + CBDA can help cats manage general feelings of stress. ElleVet CBD+CBDA works to soothe your cat without making them drowsy. 

Our CBD + CBDA oil is the only product of its kind proven safe for cats.  It provides natural mood support and overall holistic wellness support. It works with your cat’s natural stress management system to reduce feelings of worry.

It helps to combine ElleVet CBD + CBDA with a productive distraction, like an interactive toy. Many pet parents find that leaving a TV or radio on for their cat makes them feel less nervous. 

Ensure your cat’s litter box is clean and they have enough food and water to get through the day. When you get home, spend plenty of time with your cat. After a while, your cat will adapt to their new routine and experience less daily stress.

In Conclusion: Listen to What Your Cat Is Trying To Say

If you have a good relationship with your cat, it shouldn’t be difficult to figure out why they’re following you. In some cases, it may not be a problem. 

In other cases, you should be more responsive to your cat’s needs. You should take the situation seriously if your cat’s behavior indicates separation anxiety. Check out our blog for all things dog and cat.


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