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The Only CBD+CBDA Product Proven Safe for Cats

Cat on shoulder

It’s finally here! ElleVet Feline Complete Paste has been two years in the making because, as cat owners know, cats can be very picky. It is finicky eater-approved and works incredibly well for joint support, stress, and for neuro support.

Ellevet Sciences launches a new feline product into the market, using their proven CBD+CBDA Complete Oil in a Feline Paste.

ElleVet Sciences, the only CBD+CBDA product proven safe for cats, launches Feline Paste providing everyday relief for discomfort, stress and neuro support in cats.
ElleVet Sciences launches the only CBD+CBDA product proven safe for cats. The Feline Paste provides everyday relief for discomfort, stress, and neuro support in cats.

“After more than two years in development, we are ready to introduce ElleVet Feline Paste,” said ElleVet Sciences CCO Amanda Howland. “A feline product that has been proven safe, highly effective, and palatable is a game-changer for feline care products.”

This product is available direct to consumers at Ellevet Sciences and through participating veterinary clinics. The chicken liver flavored paste comes in a convenient dial-a-dose syringe making it easy for cat owners to administer at home.

“ElleVet Feline Paste is a great addition to the product line. Now pet owners have a new and much-needed choice for their cats. Safety is key to any successful feline product. ElleVet has completed a long-term safety study, which is the only CBD + CBDA product to have been proven safe for cats. Using a safe, full-spectrum product in a palatable form is revolutionary in the feline world,” says Dr. Joe Wakshlag, chief veterinary medical officer at ElleVet Sciences and professor at Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine.

ElleVet Sciences is the first company to conduct a clinical trial using their hemp CBD+CBDA formula in dogs. This highly successful study was conducted in collaboration with Cornell University making ElleVet Sciences the only manufacturer of CBD+CBDA pet products proven to work in a clinical trial.