Watch and read what pet owners have to say about the impact of ElleVet hemp CBD products on the quality of life for their pets.

Video Testimonials

Dog owners discuss how far their pets have come since starting on ElleVet hemp CBD products.

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“Just want to thank you (again) for making Hazel feel SO MUCH better! What a difference! She’s running, playing in the park & eating like I’ve never seen her eat before.”

– Dog owner of Hazel, a Kerry Blue Terrier (email to her veterinarian)


“My dog has a second quality-filled life!”

– Sherry, on Facebook


“I’ve seen a big difference in my Chesapeake Bay Retriever. She’s 14 years and noticeable difference using mobility oil. Thank you!”

– Peggy P., on Facebook


“This product is amazing, almost instant results and made my old dog feel young again recommend this product to anyone who has a dog with discomfort”

– Todd B., on Facebook


“I’ve worked in Veterinary Medicine for 15 years and when my 16 year old started having trouble with prescription medications, I switched to the Mobility Liquid. She has improved so much that she is no longer on hospice care status! This Vet Tech is really impressed!”

– Melissa W., on Facebook


“My dog was born with abnormalities in his hind quarters. He has been put on steroids, pain killers, Chinese herbs and more over the course of four years and nothing has helped. I gave him the first dose of Ellevet treats at night and when we woke up in the morning he was so much better. It’s been four days now and we are seeing major improvements. Thank you so much!”

– Kellie K., on Facebook


“My 11 year old Labradoodle became lame and could not get up for a couple of days and after tests and X-rays, etc they determined it was probably a combination of discomfort and some sort of injury. She was walking after a couple of days, but still very slow and stiff, so my Vet suggested ElleVet and I started her on the treats. The improvement was slow at first, but after about a week there was noticeable. She has been on the treats for a couple months and last month we were on a walk and it started to rain hard and she started RUNNING back to the house…she has not run in over a year!! A couple weeks ago she was playing like a puppy running back and forth between myself and a friend. And she even jumped onto the bed, sideways! The improvement is crazy. I thought I was losing her and now she is acting like she is 3 or 4 years younger. I have even started using CBD oil after seeing what it has done for Maggie. Thank you for making this amazing product and giving me back my pup.”

– Beth H., on Facebook

“My vet recommend Ellevet for our dog during travel to keep him calm and keep him from shaking. We just took our first long trip (5 hours in the car) and there was absolutely no shaking, no fear, it was amazing. Our dog is 13 lbs so we gave him 3 drops in the am and 3 drops in the pm for the week before the trip and then during the time we were there. Worked like a charm and it’s nice not to be giving him pharmaceuticals. I can’t recommend this enough – thank you!”

– Jackie B., on Facebook


“We have had Trevor , a golden retriever, for 5 1/2 years. He was a rescue and we think he is about 11-13 years old. He has been slowing down over the last 1 1/2 years. We started on NSAID which worked well for about a year. Then he stopped playing with his toys, would just lie around and was not very interactive. He would walk slowly in and out of the house to go to the bathroom and we had stopped his walks. I’m in the medical field and I am always skeptical about new medications. I waited 6 weeks to post, but I wanted to much earlier. This has been the miracle product I was hoping to find!! Trevor is back to his normal self in the house engaged and interested again. He is running around in the backyard and chasing after squirrels (must to the squirrels dismay). I do still pair the chews with his NSAID, but this has been a game changer! If I could come hug everyone of you involved with making this product I would! Thank you so very much for giving us some more quality time with our sweet guy!”

– Kelly G., on Facebook


“My Shih Tzu is 14 years old and about 13 lbs. He’s been slowing down over the past year and growling when I pick him up. …when the vet suggested I try ElleVet chews – honest to God, it was like a miracle! My dog went from logy to lively! He now goes up and down stairs easily, runs, and seems happier. And, I noticed a difference in maybe two days.”

– Sarah B., on Facebook


“My 14 year old Dachshund was doing so poorly that I was considering starting the process of thinking about euthanasia. Since she started taking ElleVet, [my 14 year old Dachshund] has started working on resuming her former dominant position in the home. She’s running and playing and asking for belly rubs and trying to fight the other dogs and generally being a pain in the butt.”

– Deidre C., on Facebook


“Fabulous product! I was at my wits end with my 13 year old…her hind end was getting so weak, and she had great difficulty getting up and walking on our hardwood floors. Within a month or so of taking her new treat twice a day, she was counter surfing and attempting to chase cars on our walks. It’s made a HUGE difference in her quality of life…and undoubtedly extended it.”

– Beth M., on Facebook