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New Clinical Studies Demonstrate Efficacy of ElleVet Sciences’ CBD + CBDA  for Expanded List of Pet Health Conditions 

Dog and cat with ellevet sciences CBD products with the new packaging

PORTLAND, Maine, (January 10th, 2024) – ElleVet Sciences, the leader in CBD + CBDA for pets, announced that recent clinical studies show its products to be efficacious for an expanded number of pet health conditions. While starting with studies proving efficacy for mobility in dogs, ElleVet has since furthered its investment in clinical research and simultaneously supported the health of hundreds of thousands of pets, demonstrating efficacy for mobility, stress, skin, neuro, and cognitive support.  

Reflecting the new findings, ElleVet’s packaging now includes condition-specific administration instructions to better assist veterinarians and pet parents in addressing specific health conditions using ElleVet’s CBD + CBDA products.  

“Our dedication to scientific innovation has been ElleVet’s driving force, and our ability to address an expanded number of health conditions demonstrates our commitment to furthering research for the benefit of dogs, cats and other species,” said Christian Kjaer, CEO and Co-Founder of ElleVet Sciences.  

ElleVet is renowned for its pursuit of science addressing CBD + CBDA products for pets, as demonstrated through 15 peer-reviewed studies, 40 completed or in-progress R&D projects, and a proven track record of improving the lives of dogs and cats. 

As part of this announcement, ElleVet is also introducing a reformulated Feline Paste and a new 28mg soft gel option for dogs.  

Aside from the feline paste, ElleVet’s product formulations have not changed. They are still the same safe and effective complete spectrum CBD + CBDA chews, soft gels, and oils veterinary professionals and pet parents have grown to rely on.  

About ElleVet Sciences 

ElleVet Sciences is a leading science-focused pet CBD + CBDA company based in Portland, Maine, USA. As the first and only organization to conduct successful CBD + CBDA clinical trials, ElleVet has pioneered the use of cannabinoids in pet health. ElleVet’s patented complete spectrum cannabinoid oil supports mobility, stress, skin, neuro, and cognitive health in pets. ElleVet’s team includes the very same veterinary professionals who brought CBD + CBDA veterinary science to the forefront of pet health research. ElleVet was founded in 2017, the same year their landmark clinical trial on osteoarthritis was completed at Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine. With more than 40 clinical trials and R&D projects completed or underway, ElleVet Sciences is committed to improving the lives of pets through science and innovation. 

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