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Setting the Standard for The Best Pet CBD Oil

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High-quality, evidence-based relief for your pet

At ElleVet Sciences, our goal is to set the standard in the pet CBD industry for the best CBD oil and products for pets in regards to testing, quality assurance, and science-based evidence. There has never been a more critical time to ensure you can trust the hemp-CBD product you give your pet. 

ElleVet’s CBD Oil: Research + Results

At ElleVet, any statement we make in regards to efficacy, safety, or dosing has been scientifically tested and proven. In 2018, we became the only company in our industry to publish an efficacy and pharmacokinetic study. In 2019, we published a safety study confirming the long-term safety of using our products in both dogs and cats. These studies were conducted by industry-leading scientists and veterinarians ensuring that ElleVet uses only the best CBD oil for pets with the proper dosage. 

Warning: If a CBD or hemp pet product does not have published studies related to dosing efficacy and/or safety, proceed with extreme caution. Any claim that a company makes regarding their untested and unproven product cannot be trusted. For example, if a company is advertising the best CBD oil for pets for mobility or anxiety without citing a study, use caution.

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Quality You Can Trust

ElleVet proudly adheres to NASC and CGMP manufacturing guidelines. The NASC (or National Animal Supplement Council) was established in 2001 to protect consumers and animals. Current Good Manufacturing Practices (CGMP) are defined and enforced by the FDA. ElleVet adheres to the FDA’s CGMP guidelines regarding pharmaceutical supplement manufacturing.

Lab Testing + Analysis

All of ElleVet’s CBD oils for pets and CBD dog chews are tested first by an unbiased, 3rd-party lab, then again in our state-of-the-art in-house lab. This not only ensures quality and consistency but also checks for impurities and contaminants. Every ElleVet product also includes a Certificate of Analysis (COA) listing precisely what your product contains, so you can be confident in the product you’re buying for your pet. Unfortunately, however, this level of transparency is rare in the pet CBD supplement industry. With ElleVet, rest assured the product you are using is safe and effective for your pet. 

Moving Forward

ElleVet’s CBD oil is based on science, transparency, and trust. As the pet CBD industry evolves, it is our hope that responsible companies and regulatory bodies can use our procedures as best practices and serve as an example of a responsible and reputable CBD company. 

Choose the Only CBD+CBDA Product with:
Proven Dosing Recommendations
Published Safety and Efficacy Studies
3rd Party COA’s
Support from Industry-Leading Veterinarians
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