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How to Help Your Stressed Pets During COVID Quarantine

ElleVet Dog on Shoulder

Here we are, well into a week or more of quarantine, self-isolation and social distancing.  It’s extraordinary how our concept of normal has changed on a day-to-day basis. Is it stressful? Absolutely. Are your pets stressed, too? Yes, they are. Dogs, in particular, are sensitive to the mood and feelings of their pet parents which is part of why we love them, but it is also why we need to take extra care with our furry friends in the coming weeks.

If you and your pup are stuck at home and feeling stressed, our team at ElleVet Sciences wants to help. ElleVet’s CBD and CBDA canine hemp products can be an incredible stress reliever for dogs with situational or temporary pet stress due to life changes, changes in routine or increases in household stress.

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It is hard to feel like you have no control over your life and work, so we came up with a few things to help manage your stress, your dog’s stress and to add some enjoyment to your new routine!

  1. If you can do so while maintaining social distancing, get outside and walk with your dog! Scheduling a few times per day when you both can get outside together can provide drastic stress relief for your dog by establishing a normalized routine and giving you valuable one-on-one time together. We created an ElleVet Dog Walking playlist on Spotify called ElleSong, which we hope will make you smile during your walk. COVID-19 is challenging but small things can make for daily enjoyment and help with stress management.
  2. No one wants to get sick with COVID-19 but if you do, making arrangements for someone to care for your dog in the event you are ill will give you peace of mind.  
  3. Offer to be the pet carer for friends or neighbors in the event that they are ill.
  4. Having trouble with isolation and feeling lonely? Consider fostering a pet from a local shelter. Shelters are overwhelmed and short-staffed, so you can be a huge help to your community by housing the shelter dogs in your area — not to mention you’ll gain another canine friend to keep you company during this stressful time! If your foster pet is stressed, consider using ElleVet’s CBD chews or CBD oil for pets to help them adjust to their new surroundings 
  5. ElleVet Sciences’ chews and oils are not only extremely helpful for managing stress in your dog, but they help give pet parents peace of mind, too. Administering twice daily ElleVet CBD + CBDA products (even if your dog hasn’t needed stress relief before) will help your pet tremendously during this difficult time.
  6. If you have children at home, engage them in the care for your dog and encourage them to try and teach your pet some new tricks. It will keep both of them engaged, and they both will be very proud to show off their new talents!
  7. Check the ElleVet Facebook and Instagram daily for uplifting and informative posts on how to relieve your dog’s stress and to stay connected with other pet parents just like you!

As pet parents ourselves, our team empathizes with the difficulties our community is facing at this time. Please reach out to us if you have any questions or need a friendly voice to talk to.

Together is better, and we will all get through this challenging time by helping one other!