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Greenies for Dogs: Taking Care of Dogs Bad Breath, Teeth and Gums

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Has your dog ever leaned over and given you a few affectionate face licks, and suddenly you wish they hadn’t? 

We don’t want to hurt their feelings, but sometimes our dog’s breath ranges from bad to offensive, just like ours can without proper hygiene. At times, we may not take our dog’s oral hygiene as seriously as we should, insert cliché, “dogs’ mouths are cleaner than humans!”. The fact is, our dog’s oral health is an important aspect of their overall health, and there are steps we can take to maintain and improve this. 

One oral health product that has found popularity is called, “Greenies”. 

What are Greenies? 

Simply put, Greenies are dental hygiene disguised as doggy treats. If you’ve never seen one, they look like a little green half-dog-bone half-toothbrush, but luckily our dogs don’t pick up on that. They also come in tablet form, with flavored pill pockets included (but these don’t seem to be as popular among dog owners). 

Greenies help fight against plaque and tartar build-up in our dog’s teeth and gums, the same way our toothpaste and our dentist do for us. And as far as our friends with bad breath go, Greenies help improve that as well! They have even introduced a new product, “Breath Busters Bites”, which seem to be like Altoids for your dog. 


  • Teeth Health
  • Gum Health 
  • Freshens Breath 

Greenies come in a few different sizes. 

  • “Teenie” (designed for puppies)
  • “Petite” (designed for smaller breeds)
  • “Regular” (designed for adult dogs)
  • “Large” (designed for larger breeds)

It is the same product addressing the same concerns, the different product labels are simply to cater to all different shapes and sizes of dog breeds. All sizes come in a variety of amounts: 11, 22, 43, 65, 96, and 130 counts. 


Depending on the product and count you decide on, you can expect to pay anywhere from $20-$80 dollars, per pack. To be fair, the products up in the $80 range are the products with the largest amounts per pack (192 counts). On average, Greenies are really an inexpensive venture, especially when they can benefit your dog so great. It beats visiting the doggie dentist! 

How are Greenies Given? 

Greenies are typically given once a day, and that is the recommended amount. 

This is an important distinction for people who choose the traditional Greenie dog bones. Greenies are seen as “dog treats”, and they are in a way. Admittedly, I myself referred to them as “treats” just a few sentences ago. However, they are really more on the bone side of the treat spectrum. Meaning, they aren’t like a piece of bacon or something you would just toss your dog for immediate consumption.

With Greenies, it is important that your dog slowly works their way through it, as they would a regular bone. Gnawing and patience should all be encouraged when giving your dog a Greenie dental chew. If they go through the treat too fast or are trying to eat it in one bite, they could harm themselves with the large (and sometimes sharp) fragments from the Greenie. Not the mention, if they consume it too fast, the hygienic properties don’t have the chance to take full effect on their teeth and gums. For a juvenile example, it would be like eating a spoonful of toothpaste rather than brushing your teeth. Some cleaning may be accomplished in the process…but most likely not enough. 

This is not to scare anybody, Greenies are thought to be incredibly safe and effective, it is just something to be aware of. To err on the side of caution, keep an eye on your dog when you give them their Greenie. 

Not Just for Dogs, Cats too! 

Cats aren’t going to let dogs have all the fun, they want in on dental health as well. And if you’re a cat owner, you’re in luck, because Greenies also offers products for felines. Naturally, the cat product line consists more of tablets and bite-sized treats, rather than dog bones. Nonetheless, if your cat’s oral health is squandering, Greenies may have a solution for you! 

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