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Bravecto for Dogs: Side Effects, Safety, & More

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Cost, Safety, and Side Effects

If you’re a dog owner, you know how important flea and tick protection is. Flea and tick protection is essential to your dog’s overall health as it protects them from potential illnesses and infections brought on by these insects. You also don’t want the fleas and ticks to infiltrate your home, as this can bring a myriad of other human and canine issues.

Regardless of the flea and tick brand you use, you may have heard rumblings about “Bravecto.” In recent years, it has become a popular and convenient choice for many dog owners, so what’s all the hype about? More noise or a viable option?

Table of Contents

  1. Flea & Tick Product Differences
  2. Bravecto Cost
  3. Safety
  4. Side Effects
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Flea & Tick Product Differences

To state the obvious, Bravecto is another product on a long list that provides flea and tick protection for your dog. However, Bravecto includes a few features not commonly found in the flea and tick world. 

As you’ll notice, many flea and tick products are given topically (on your dog’s coat) and require multiple applications a year, many times every month. These topical products can be messy and accompanied by an unpleasant smell. Bravecto, unlike many other products, comes in a chewable form. This can make it marginally easier to get your dog protected. Instead of the sometimes-difficult process of getting your dog to sit still while a product is applied to their coat, you are now given the option of a simple dog treat. Dog owners have raved about this simple difference, claiming it has made their lives much easier. 

In addition to coming in a convenient, chewable form, Bravecto also lasts longer than the average flea and tick product, providing 12 weeks of protection. Instead of going back and forth from the vet every month, you can give your dog a chewable treat 4-times a year! Bravecto also protects against future flea and tick infections, not just current ones. Many products fight against the reproduction or spread of fleas and ticks, so this difference in fighting future infections is noticeable. 

Is it prescribed?

Yes, like most flea and tick products, you need to have it prescribed by your veterinarian. In turn, your veterinarian will put in place a dosing plan specific to your dog, based on their size and weight. 

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Bravecto Costs 

As we mentioned before, Bravecto lasts longer than most flea and tick medications (12 weeks). If you’re assuming this will make things cheaper due to fewer vet visits, you would be correct. A single dose of Bravecto costs around $50.00, so you can expect to pay around $200 for an entire year’s treatment, barring any sales or discounts. You will need a prescription from your veterinarian to get Bravecto for your dog, and it can be found at most animal hospitals. If it’s convenient for you, you can also purchase Bravecto online at pet retailers such as 


Bravecto is generally considered safe by veterinarians. It has FDA approval and has been scientifically proven safe and effective.

Side Effects

Side effects may include: 

  • Vomiting 
  • Diarrhea 
  • Increased thirst 
  • Decreased appetite 
  • Weakness 
  • Seizures 

Although side effects may be rare or minor if they occur, it’s still important to understand any risks involved. If your dog has any underlying conditions or something you’re concerned about, talk to your veterinarian before trying Bravecto, especially if your dog has a history of seizures. You’ll find comfort in knowing that Bravecto has no known adverse interactions with other supplements or medications. Nevertheless, before starting a flea and tick product, talk with your veterinarian about any and all medications your dog is currently taking.


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