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Healing Arts Animal Care: ElleVet’s June Clinic of the Month 

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Healing Arts Animal Care 

Beaverton, OR 

Healing Arts Animal Care in Beaverton, Oregon provides veterinary acupuncture, pet rehabilitation therapy, physical therapy and athletic conditioning to the dogs and cats of Portland, Oregon. They help all kinds of pets live happy, healthy lives.  

We caught up with the team at Healing Arts to learn more about day-to-day life at Healing Arts Animal Care.    

How long has your clinic been in business? How did your clinic get started? 

Since 2014. We started as a mobile practice in Southern Oregon, then bought an existing rehab practice in Portland. 

What makes your clinic special? 

Individualized, naturopathic approach to medicine. While we are listed as a rehabilitation clinic, and that is our main focus, we are naturopathic in nature. This means we combine rehab, western modalities, eastern modalities and science based supplements to create a better body, not just a better joint. 

What makes your team unique? 

So many things! But two that are truly unique. Our staff is all certified in Low Stress Handling. This means that the pet gets to be a part of what happens to them and when based on their comfort level. What that means to us is that our patients are relaxed, happy and having a great time. For many of us, this has created a whole new world of medicine for us. Second, our reception team is made up of 2 veterinarians in the Philippines! So unique in veterinary medicine and yet they are truly part of our family, even our team outings we have them on zoom! 

What is the most unique animal that someone’s brought into your clinic? 

We had a calf in our underwater treadmill. We made a splint for a chick. And we have done wheelchairs for bunnies. 

Are there any interesting stories you’d like to share about your clinic? 

All our stories are interesting because rehab is so unique! We get to know all our patients and their people so well that we know THEIR stories! The truth is you never know someone’s journey unless you ask. Dr. Mandi intended to do cows and pigs in the midwest for the rest of her life when she left vet school. If you had told her that she would be practicing small animal, specialty practice in a CITY on the WEST COAST she would have told you you were off your rocker! 

Do you have clinic dogs and/or cats?  

Dr. Mandi’s son has Fragile X syndrome. His service dog, Florence, comes to work with her while he is at school. She is a wonderful gift from Canine Companions for Independence, a non profit organization that provides service animals for facilities and individuals free of charge. Florence is walking proof that a dog can change everything for a family. 

If your clinic had a theme song, what would it be? 

Climb Every Mountain 

If you had to choose three words to describe your clinic, what would they be? 

Heart in Healing 

Why do you use ElleVet for your patients? 

Because there is science to back its results. Our favorite product is the Soft Chews.  

Do you have a memorable story regarding a patient using ElleVet that you would like to share? 

Luna — lovely girl with a ruptured cruciate and chronic heart failure. We fitted her for an Othopets stifle device and ElleVet for discomfort and stress. She now waltzes in discomfort free and fear free! 

Congratulations to the team at Healing Arts Animal Care on being named ElleVet’s Clinic of the Month! We love working with you to help keep pets happy and on the move!    

At ElleVet, we’re honored to work with many incredible veterinarians and their passionate teams. We value their commitment to the health and happiness of our pets and are grateful for the patience, compassion, and dedication they bring to their work. We look forward to featuring a new clinic each month!