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What are Terpenes and Why are they Important?

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As pet owners, we want to understand the products we give to our pets and how they help our pets. CBD products such as Oils, Chews, and Soft Gels are wonderfully helpful to many pets, but the terminology and components of these products can be confusing. What does full spectrum mean? What does isolate mean? Which is better? Let’s start with terpenes.  Many people are familiar with the term but don’t understand what role they play and why they are essential. 

Terpenes are found in many different plants, such as lavender, orange peel, pine, and these terpenes create the distinctive smells associated with these plants. These fragrances are beneficial to the plants to fight against damage from animals or fight potential infectious germs. We can isolate these terpenes to create the scents that we use in many different products, but they are also found in some CBD products and have beneficial properties. Terpenes are naturally present in the hemp plant and can remain part of the end product with the proper extraction process.  When terpenes and cannabinoids are both present in a CBD product, they work together to enhance the product’s overall impact. 

Many different types of terpenes are found in hemp, and some of the best-known terpenes include:

  • Myrcene 
  • Alpha-Pinene 
  • Humulene 
  • Linalool
  • Limonene
  • B-Caryophyllene

Myrcene is extremely common in hemp plants but is also found in many things we eat every day, such as mango, thyme, basil, and lemongrass. Studies have indicated that Myrcene helps with calming and relaxation and situational discomfort, making it a valuable component in a CBD product.  For pets that have sleep issues, Myrcene can be very beneficial!

As the name may tell you, Alpha-Pinene is most commonly found in pine trees and is also the most commonly found terpene in nature. It is often used to support respiratory health, healthy inflammatory response (or, if accurate, helps decrease normal inflammatory pathways), and memory recall.  

Humulene can be found in clove, basil, and hops, aside from hemp, and has an appealing woody aroma.  What is quite interesting about humulene is that it is thought to suppress hunger and address situational discomfort and decrease normal inflammatory pathways.  It is also believed to help support cell health.  

Linalool, which is found in spices, plants such as lavender, and some fungi, is another interesting and diverse terpene.  It is very aromatic and is used in many hygiene products and for pest repellent! It also works as a mood enhancer and promotes calming. 

Limonene is predominantly found in citrus fruit peels and is also one of the most common terpenes found in hemp.  It is used in many cleaning and cosmetic products due to its popularity as a fragrance.  In hemp, limonene is thought to reduce situational stress and elevate mood. 

B-caryophyllene is recognizable for its spicy aroma. It is found in cloves and cinnamon as well as black pepper. This is an interesting terpene as it is thought to support a healthy inflammatory response and relieve situational stress. 

Terpenes have immense benefits aside from their fragrance, and we are just beginning to understand the important role they play in hemp products, but we know that they are an essential part of a good product.  Many CBD-only or isolate products do not contain terpenes or have very low levels of terpenes. Still, ElleVet’s CBD+CBDA products have a robust terpene content along with a full spectrum of cannabinoids. It is clear that terpenes are extremely valuable on their own, but when combined with cannabinoids in a full spectrum product, the whole effect is elevated in the entourage effect.  Essentially the sum of the parts works better than the factors are taken individually. Many pets experience more than one issue, with situational stress and occasional discomfort often occurring together. Hence, a full-spectrum product can give your pet the maximum amount of relief and help his overall wellbeing. ElleVet’s products are formulated to help keep your pet happy and healthy.

Reach out to your vet or the ElleVet team if you have any questions about how ElleVet’s products can benefit your pet!

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