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The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for Pet Lovers

Be honest, who is your favorite person to shop for? Trick question, because most people say their pet is their favorite recipient! But there are actual humans on your list, so what do you get for those impossible to buy for people? Something for their pet of course! A pet centric present is a one size fits all. Just for you, we have compiled a list of our favorite gifts for pet lovers to make your shopping as easy as possible so you can get back to drinking eggnog and spending time with your loved ones.

We have sorted our picks into 5 categories and listed our top 3 picks in each category. 

Whenever I See Your Smiling Face

Socks with their pet’s face on them. Everyone wears socks, it’s just a fact, so you can’t go wrong with personalized socks. Wearing them will give a secret little lift to anyone’s day! We like the socks from Cuddle Clones for the silky texture and because they stand up to being washed so the adorable face won’t fade!

A Coffee mug with their pet’s face. Reaching for your favorite mug is a good way to start the day and sure to please anyone on your list who drinks coffee or tea, which is pretty much everyone. Or for those heathens who don’t, a mug is a great repository for pens and pencils. We like West and Willow mugs but Shutterfly also delivers inexpensively and has multiple styles to choose from. 

Portraits – Without going over the top budget wise, a pet portrait is a wonderful reminder of a beloved pet that has passed on, or just a daily reminder that your pet would like to be with you, 24/7. Purr and Mutt has a wide variety options for pet portraits, ranging from funny to poignant and PoochPrints have some lovely and reasonably priced portrait options. 


Fitbit for pups – Do you have any data geeks on your list? Or techie athlete types? Then the FitBark, a doggie fitbit, is a perfect gift. It keeps track of how many steps or miles your pet racks up in a day and gives an insight into what they do when left alone. Best of all you can both wear one and compare steps! Hint: they will have more!

Pet Cam – It’s hard to be away from your pet, especially if you have an anxious or older pet, and these nanny cams for dogs from Furbo can ease your mind while you are apart. Just think, you can watch your dog get into your closet and chew your shoes in real time!

Automatic feeder/water bowl – For anyone who has been shamed by a pet for being 30 seconds late with dinner, we have the answer. Don’t risk the wrath of a cat or the deeply disappointed sigh of a dog and program the feeder from Arf Pets to dispense meals right on time when you are going to be late getting home.

Comfort and Joy

ElleVet Sciences – Pets don’t live long enough and joint discomfort happens far too soon. Give the gift of comfort and let the pet lover in your life have more quality time with their pet by giving the best pet CBD available. For joint discomfort, cognitive decline and stress. This is the best gift you can give any friend or family member with an aging pet. 

Help ‘Em Up Harness – It’s hard to see your pet struggle to get up or struggle to manage stairs, and hard for the pet parent of a large dog! This harness lets you support their hind legs without straining your back allowing you to help them stand and remain mobile. The perfect gift for someone with a geriatric dog.

Monogrammed Orthopedic Bed – Does it need a monogram? No, but it’s very cute!  We like the high quality of the LL Bean monogrammed memory foam dog bed for seniors, with a fancy embroidered name.  Because they deserve it! 

Better Together

Portable Water Bottle/Bowl– Who wants to be with you 24/7? Your dog, that’s who. He will be your best companion on hikes or walks so pack water and snacks for both of you! This ingenious water bottle comes with a built-in bowl so you can squeeze up water and make it easy for your dog to drink his fill. Hiking will be more fun for both of you with proper hydration. The one we like is the Pup Flask, which is stainless steel and easy to use.

Pet First Aid Kit– Have you ever flinched watching your dog leap over branches and scramble up rocks and just waiting for a laceration or some other injury? For any pet lover on your list, a pet first aid kit is an essential and welcome gift. A hiking/travel first aid kit should have gauze, tweezers, adhesive tape, antiseptic cleanser, an emergency blanket, water, and a collapsible bowl. The Adventure Dog Series Medical Kit has all this and quite a bit more so you can pare down for a day hike but have plenty of supplies for general use. 

Bed/Couch Protector – There is nothing sweeter than having your dog snuggle up to you on the couch or hog the bed at night. But, the hair! And the mud/dirt/sticks… The Pup Protector blanket from to the rescue! This blanket looks great, like a high-end throw, but has a rugged waterproof backing and can be thrown in the washing machine. Great for the car too. This is an item your gift recipient will absolutely love. 

Good Old Fashioned Fun

Bacon Scented Ball – This is a simple, inexpensive, but highly coveted dog toy that also comes as a bacon scented frisbee. Dogs have been known to stand at the toy cupboard waiting for someone to bring out the bacon ball. A great gift for any dog lover or a perfect stocking stuffer for your own dog! 

Tug of War Toy – Dogs genuinely love to play tug of war, and they love to play with you. This is a classic but always popular toy that is durable and appealing for most dogs. The Kong Tuggernots Moose Dog Toy is adorable and rugged enough for even the toughest tug of war player. It has a squeaker and rope handles on both ends. Perfect for anyone with a playful dog or more than one dog so they can share. 

Puzzle Toys – Dogs are smart, often smarter than we give them credit for, and they thrive on mental stimulation. Puzzle toys engage their brain and keep them busy trying to find the hidden treat by opening doors, pushing levers and other problem-solving tasks. Dogs of any age love these toys and it is beneficial for helping older dogs to stay sharp. This is a can’t miss gift for any pet lover. Outward Hound has a number of excellent puzzles to choose from but one we love is the Brick Puzzle Dog Toy

We hope you found our Ultimate Gift Guide for Pet Lovers helpful! You will bring double the joy when you give a gift for the pet lover on your list that both person and pet will appreciate. Or maybe it is triple the joy since we make it fun for you too! Please check out our Ultimate Gift Guide for Dogs for more pet gift ideas! The joy is in the giving, and there is no one who is more appreciative than a dog, so our goal with these guides is to spread as much joy as possible this holiday season.