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Infographic: Can CBD Help Dogs of All Ages?

Recognizing Signs of Discomfort


Complete CBD Support for Puppies, Adult Dogs, and Seniors
ElleVet Sciences helps dogs of all ages.

Are Puppies Too Young to Benefit?

Although it is not recommended to give supplements to puppies under 8-weeks-old, dogs beyond this early window can benefit from hemp-derived CBD products. Whether it is to ease fear or discomfort, complete spectrum CBD+CBDA has the power to make a positive impact on a young dog’s life.

How Does CBD+CBDA Support Adult Dogs?

Whether you have a very active dog or a larger breed dog that is starting to slow down, an exclusive and organic hemp CBD+CBDA solution can help with mood, mobility, and discomfort.

Do Senior Dogs Benefit as Well?

Older dogs tend to develop mobility issues. They may start to avoid stairs, or play less frequently. Whether this behavior is arthritis-related, a lingering injury, or simple aging, ElleVet CBD+CBDA products can help your senior dog address mobility issues and drastically improve discomfort.

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