ElleVet Hemp CBD+CBDA Chews For Large Dogs

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Hemp CBD+CBDA for Dogs Over 50 lbs

Proprietary Complete-Spectrum Cannabinoid & Terpene Support for:

  • Joint Function

  • Comfort

  • Mobility

ElleVet Large Dog Chews are a supplement designed for dogs over 50 pounds. These hemp chews for dogs are made in a size that delivers the increased amount of active ingredient that’s appropriate for bigger dogs. Our chews are soft and come in a peanut butter flavor that makes it easy for your dog to love. Each chew contains our proprietary plant hemp oil and terpene blend to support your dog’s mobility and includes added glucosamine. This highly effective product is endorsed by vets who’ve tested them at one of the country’s leading veterinarian schools.

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Administration Guide

Weight Week 1 Week 2
51-75lbs 2 chews, AM & PM 1 chew, AM & PM
76-100lbs 3 chews, AM & PM 1.5 chews, AM & PM
101+lbs 4 chews, AM & PM 2 chews, AM & PM

*If needed, return to week 1 administration for additional support*


Glucosamine (Shellfish)……………………………………………………….510mg
Chondroitin (Bovine)…………………………………………………………….210mg
ElleVet™ Complete Spectrum Proprietary Hemp Oil………..30mg (contains 19.2mg of cannabinoids).

INACTIVE INGREDIENTS (alphabetical order):

Brewer’s Yeast, Glycerin, Guar Gum, Molasses, Organic  Sesame Seed Oil, Pea Protein Digest, Peanut Butter, Potato Starch, Rice Bran, Rice Starch, Sorbic Acid, Sugar, Sweet Potato, Tapioca Starch, Water

CONTAINS: Peanuts.

Does not contain: Wheat or soy.

The Science

How does Hemp work?

Hemp is not a mysterious substance, despite its reputation as a cure-all. There is hard science behind how hemp works, and why it works in dogs.

Hemp contains naturally occurring compounds called cannabinoids. There are over 140 known cannabinoids that have been identified in hemp and these cannabinoids interact with the endocannabinoid system found in animals and in humans. Interested in learning more about cannabinoids? Check out our Pet Owners Guide to Cannabinoids.

Cannabinoid receptors are found throughout the body and the brain and the different receptors affect different functions. Some cannabinoid receptors work on sensation, some affect mood and some on appetite. As cannabinoid receptors are found in the brain, organs, peripheral nervous system, connective tissue, glands and immune cells. The function of the endocannabinoid system is to maintain a stable environment in the body and therefore it makes sense that cannabinoid receptors are present in so many different areas of the body and brain.

The cannabinoids found in hemp stimulates these receptors and can signal the body to build more cannabinoid receptors. This is why the ElleVet product may work better and better over time, as your dog’s body builds more receptors and promotes better results.

Subscription FAQ

An ElleVet subscription is a great way to save money and ensure you always have what your pet needs. With a subscription you will receive 10% off every order. Orders over $150 will also receive free standard shipping. When you sign up for a subscription, an order will be processed and shipped to you at that time. All subsequent orders will ship at the interval you select during check out. Subscriptions can be placed on hold or canceled at any time. Changes can be made to your subscription at any time by logging into your account and going to “My Subscription,” or by calling 844-673-7287.

37 reviews for ElleVet Hemp CBD+CBDA Chews For Large Dogs

  1. Alice

    We gave it to our 13 year old Sheepdog who is having a hard time getting around and he is moving a lot better. It has really helped with his comfort level and is a lot more spunky! We were told about it by a friend that has a 14 year old Lab who could no longer walk. It has been several months now and his lab is still walking!

  2. Jane

    Our vet (in Massachusetts, USA) suggested we try this for our 10 year old pup, as her hips were getting a little wonky and she had a spinal disc bulge a few times.

    The chews smell awful, but Zoey loves them. We’ve noticed she has more playful energy than we’ve seen in awhile. Thank you!

  3. bill hansen

    Our 65 pound pit bull was once very athletic and active. She got to the point with enough discomfort that she often couldn’t bear weight on both rear legs, and she couldn’t jump at all. Within two weeks of starting Ellevet chews she was walking normally. Within a month she was able to climb into my van, and within two months she was jumping up on our couch without any difficulty at all. She’s been normally active and happy for almost a year now. My one regret is the new “peanut flavor” chews don’t taste as good to her – but they still work.

  4. Charsie

    Hello My dog has been on the large dog chews for about 6 months. She loved them and seems to help her discomfort. This month was first bag with the “new and improved” flavor. She won’t touch the new flavor. For this month you agreed to send me two of the small dog chews. We appreciate that. She has been without the chews for a couple days and we notice a difference. Please bring back the original flavor. Not sure what we will do next month since the other options are even more expensive.

  5. Kelly

    I cannot say enough wonderful things about this product. It was recommended to me last May (2018) for our Golden, by my Uncle, after his vet put his dog on the ElleVet. I had originally come to terms with the fact that our Golden boy was very uncomfortable and the regular meds (rimadyl) was working, but just not good enough. It was so hard to watch him struggle to get up. He wouldn’t play any more….just laid around the house. After 1 1/2 weeks on the chews he started dramatically improving. He now plays and even runs around the backyard. I know this product has given us more quality time with our sweet boy. After all, that’s all most of are looking for in the end. If I could hug you all I would! Thank you!

  6. Carolyn

    Finally some relief for our 15 yr old yellow lab! She loves the chews! They definitely have a calming affect on her, yet she’s fully alert. Additionally, since her discomfort is diminished, she’s now sleeping well and having fewer accidents (meaning a restful night’s sleep for my spouse and me). Our furry girl is no longer restless and uncomfortable throughout the night. These chews have been an incredible help for her hips. She’s not magically cured and jumping around (she needs help to stand on tile)but she’s so much happier and relaxed. Still super spoiled too 🙂 Thank you ElleVet for a fantastic product!

  7. Mary Beth

    My 14-year-old Australian Shepherd feeling very poorly. I wasn’t sure what to do and found the ElleVet products through some online research. I spoke to my vet and got the thumbs up!

    She is very very uncomfortable-almost crippled. It took the full week on the loading dose, but Maggie improved every day and is still feeling great after being on the chews for going on 2 months now. She’s on her feet and even “running” at times in the yard. At least she think she’s running… :-). She’s very alert and is interested in even playing with one of her favorite old toys again. This is a great product and I’m thoroughly impressed with the quality of life it’s allowing my dog to have at her age when our options had become very limited. She’s got zero side-effects – and happily has her morning and evening doses!

    I just placed my second order.

  8. Cindy & Mark Andrews

    Our 14 year old Golden doodle, Molly, was having a horrible time trying to climb the stairs and getting up from laying down was difficult. After about 2 weeks with these veternarian-recommended chews, Molly can climb the stairs, has no problem getting up and is still playful. These chews are pricey but as they say, “You get what you pay for!” We are ordering another bag for her!

  9. Christine (verified owner)

    Our 7 year old Great Dane was having lots of issues with his hind legs– constantly limping after getting up, not able to go on longer walks anymore, trouble with stairs, etc. We had tried a few other supplements prior to the ElleVet chews, some of which seemed to work for a bit, but then we’d have the same problems over again. We started giving him ElleVet CBD chews as recommended to us by our vet, and definitely noticed a difference after a few weeks . We are so confident that they work because the one month that we didn’t order them, our dog started limping again. Once we got him back on the treats, him back leg limping stopped. We can’t take our guy to run at the beach anymore, and still avoid stairs when we can, but the treats have at least allowed our dog to go about his daily life comfortably. We’ve been ordering the CBD chews for about a year now, and we will continue to do so! So grateful that these exist.

  10. Bobbie Brooker (verified owner)

    My 11 year old lab has had some challenges moving around, to the point she couldn’t get comfortable. After a single day of being on these chews she was able to get around much easier, after a weeks use she’s back to her old fun loving self!

  11. Therese (verified owner)

    My dogs love ElleVet Hemp CBD Chews For Large Dogs ! They give them some extra pep in their step. I got them specifically for my senior dogs and also for my boy who fractured his elbow as a young pup. I like that the company has done clinical trials, is open with the testing results and strives for purity and consistency with her products.

  12. Dina (verified owner)

    I LOVE this product. I have a nearly 14 year old Old English Sheepdog who was having a lot of leg stiffness and trouble getting up. This has really helped and made her much more comfortable. Zero side effects and she actually looks forward to gobbling it up.

  13. Peggy (verified owner)

    I have a 14 year old chocolate lab who has severe discomfort especially with her rear hips/legs; was having problems going up and down stairs, sometimes going sideways to go down, we have only been giving her the chewy Ellevet tablets for two weeks which she loves and we have all seen a difference with her going up and down the stairs correctly and spending more time outside now, we live in CT so the weather really bothered her but now the chewy tablets are really helping her

  14. wes (verified owner)

    I was very skeptical at first because my 11 year old English Retriever Australian Sheppard cross had discomfort in both back legs. It was terrible listening to his joints click as he walked. Now after 1 month of taking Ellevet chews he actually is chasing squirrels again and playing tug of war with his toys. Very Impressed!

  15. Michael Weinstein (verified owner)

    Recommended by vet when I told him that my (then) nine year old Wheaten Terrier had stiffness in one leg for a brief time when he got up. Wow! What a wonderful difference! After 2-3 weeks my dog was moving perfectly fine. I’ve maintained giving him the chew and he shows no sign whatsoever of any stiffness or discomfort in any of his joints. A life-changing product.

  16. Kevin

    This product is absolutely amazing! Our 14 yr old Rottweiler/Retriever mix was getting very weak and seemed to be giving up on life. Our vet suggested that we try Ellevet and WOW what a difference it has made! She is running around and playing like she is a puppy again! Thank you so much for making this product Ellevet! You have given us our baby back! =)

  17. Amanda Miller

    My 15yr old husky mix and former sled dog was having severe discomfort in her back hips. She could barely get up and walk some days. We started her on these about 6 months ago and it’s amazing how much better she is. People make comments like “she’s 15? No way” or “she looks amazing for 15”. I cannot say enough good things about how much these CBD chews have helped my girl. She’s back to moving like she was 5 years ago.

  18. pks5986 (verified owner)

    My vet (Massachusetts) recommended for my 11 year old Lab Mix rescue who has bad discomfort in her hips and knees. She went from walking stiff, to chasing squirrels within two days of giving her the chews. While she doesn’t like the taste, I bury them in peanut butter and she takes them willingly. They’re fantastic and keep her from having to take something stronger to manage the discomfort. Highly recommend!

  19. CHRISTINA BRUECKMAN (verified owner)

    This Summer I was given a month bag to try for my 12 year old GSP. At the time I was picking up a new puppy as well. I have seen her go from being irritated to playing with him like puppy every morning. I highly recommend this product, it has done wonders for my girl and I couldn’t be happier.

  20. Kim

    These chews were recommended by two vets for my Aussies. “The Frank” just turned 7. Poor guy has had a rough time, but this product really helps him. I cannot say enough positive things about it. Both dogs come running for their “calming treats” every morning and night. Thankful to have such a good product. The customer service i have received is unmatched too. 5 stars. Highly recommend.

  21. Laura Burton (Nessie and Everest) (verified owner)

    We LOVE these chews for our aging Bernese Mountain Dog. She’s running around like a puppy again!

  22. Laurie (verified owner)

    This product helped my 14 yo golden retriever go from a girl who sleeps all day back to a girl who is ready to walk and swim. Now that she takes a chew in the am and pm, she acts like her 5 yo self!

  23. Lauren G (verified owner)

    My 83lbs boy is getting up there in years. Our vet recommended Ellevet to us and we use it twice a day. I just add it to his meals. He now wants to play, chase the geckos and other lizards, and has no issues running up the stairs two at a time. We have been using for awhile and joined the auto-refill program to make life simpler.

  24. Sharon (verified owner)

    My 10yr. Old shepard loves these and they really help manage her discomfort. Great product recommended by my vet.

  25. Nikki Giglia (verified owner)

    This product is great and the customer service is superb! I had a few questions about dosage before ordering and their emails were prompt and informative. I use it for my 5 year old Aussie to help with stress and my 12 year old Aussie for discomfort. 10/10

  26. Emily Kelley (verified owner)

    Product is a lifesaver. Our pup (80lbs) shepherd mix had to get one of his front legs amputated, we asked about CBD and our vet suggested Ellevet. We tried and on day 3 saw results. Our guy is now 10 and we are so thankful this product came into our lives and gives him some relief!!! Thank you!!!!

  27. Julie (verified owner)

    This product has been a life changer for my senior lab! Mobility has improved exponentially! Highly recommend.

  28. Juli H (verified owner)

    These chews have really helped our older rescue dog! Great research behind these too!

  29. Melissa Sue (verified owner)

    My vet recommended these chews for my boxer’s discomfort. He refused to go on walks and was struggling to get up and down the 2 stairs of my deck when he went outside. After starting these supplements, he was soon trotting along on walks again. I was so surprised, I recorded it! While he is no longer with me, I just started my other boxer on these supplements for his joint discomfort. A couple weeks ago, he was so uncomfortable that he couldn’t even find a resting position that was tolerable. I started him on these supplements and he’s doing much better! I’m so thankful for this company and their products.

  30. Terri Adams (verified owner)

    Ellevet Mobility Chews completely eliminated the shoulder joint discomfort that prevented my then 15 year old collie mix girl from going on her beloved 2 mile hikes. We could barely get down the street she was ‘hitching’ so badly as she walked, many times stumbling. 2 months after following the protocol on the back of the bag, she was chasing squirrels with no issues and no obvious discomfort afterwards. Now over 16, my girls still walks a mile a day and I credit this entirely to Ellevet Mobility Chews.

  31. Sharon (verified owner)

    My girl loves these and they really help with her joint discomfort. Thank you!

  32. Aprile O’Keefe (verified owner)

    Our 13.7 year old Airedale had knee surgery at age 10 and within the last year his joint discomfort was hampering his mobility. This product has brought such a quality of life back. He is spry and enjoys a walk several times a day. We are so thankful our Vet suggested we try it.

  33. Aprile O’Keefe (verified owner)

    Our 13.7 year old Airedale has continued to use this product and we still se the results. We were worried the effects would wear off but they have not!

  34. Aprile O’Keefe (verified owner)

    Our 13.7 year old Airedale is so much more comfortable!

  35. Lacey

    My dog was 13 and having mobility issues but once we started giving him these they helped tremendously. It was like he was a puppy again

  36. Jen

    My 65lb mutt made it to the ripe old age i of f 17, with the last 2 years of quality living thanks to Ellevet chews. At 15, he started to have a lot of trouble getting up the stairs, and after a week of trying the chews based on our vets recommendation, he was able to make it up the stairs with no assistance and continued to do so up until he passed. The chews made his movement and quality of life so much better, so thank you! I did notice the texture and softness would change from batch to batch, but I never noticed any difference in my pup. Pricey but worth every penny.

  37. Karen Nichols

    My vet (Massachusetts) recommended for my 11 year old Lab Mix rescue who has bad discomfort in her hips and knees. She went from walking stiff, to chasing squirrels within two days of giving her the chews. While she doesn’t like the taste, I bury them in peanut butter and she takes them willingly. They’re fantastic and keep her from having to take something stronger to manage the discomfort

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