It’s All About Trust

ElleVet Poodle Mix Golden Doodle

It all comes down to trust.  Your pets trust you to take care of them and you want to do what is best for them. Giving your pet a product that you can trust is so important, but how do you find a hemp CBD product that you can rely on?  There are so many products on the market that claim to be the best for your dog and make all kinds of claims, but often have confusing information and labeling, or rely on someone else’s research.  How do you know which one to trust?  

At ElleVet we take your trust in us seriously and we have the research and the data as well as the quality control standards needed to earn that trust.  Our goal is to have a product that veterinarians can trust to be effective, safe and to have accurate dosing and labeling.   If vets trust us with their own pets and feel good about carrying our product for their patients, then you can feel good about giving ElleVet to your pet.  

We have invested in research, more than any other company, and we feel this investment is essential so that we can provide science and data around use of our product.  All hemp CBD is not the same, and just because one product was tested doesn’t mean the same results will be true for another product.  If a company has not done a clinical trial on their own product, there is no guarantee that product will work or will be safe. 

At ElleVet, we have tested our products in clinical trials and safety studies again and again, so you know what you are getting has real science behind it. We did the research so we know how to dose correctly to give your dog the best effect possible.  We also test every single batch to make sure that it meets our quality control standards.  We have batch numbers and expiration dates on all our products and a COA available for all batches.  Our product is organic and has a potency of 50 mg/ml which means you get a lot for your money and is one of the most potent products available.

What we are saying is that we love dogs and want to do our very best for them.  This means investing in research and testing so ElleVet can provide a hemp CBD  product that vets and pet owners can trust.  We work hard every day to earn that trust and it shows in all the success stories we hear every single day.