Happy older golden running with tennis ball.

The only CBD + CBDA product proven to work in multiple clinical trials

“Elvis couldn’t run or play with his favorite toy, and seemed so sad and stressed. It broke my heart to see him decline. Ellevet, you gave him the gift of joy, the gift of running again and the gift of seeing the years fall away. We are forever grateful.”

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More time with your dog means everything

Their time in the world is too short, so an extra year or two of quality time? That’s the best gift of all.

Dogs tend to show signs of aging by the age of 7. Their joints become uncomfortable, they may show less interest in walks or playing and spend less time interacting with their family or other dogs. Stress is often intertwined with discomfort and can show up as panting, pacing, trouble sleeping or general distress.

If your dog is experiencing discomfort and overall stress, we can help!

Over 80% of dogs in a clinical trial at Cornell, using ElleVet, showed a significant or dramatic improvement in comfort and happiness. Most dogs show improvement in about 48 hours.

Use code GRATEFUL25 to get 25% off your first order!


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