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Opportunities in an Uncertain World: How ElleVet is Striving to Create The Best Pet CBD+CBDA During COVID

ElleVet Golden Retriever

Sometimes the worries of the present take up so much space in our minds that it doesn’t allow us time to think outside the box. Daily concerns associated with today’s health crisis – such as do I need to wear a mask or how do I manage stress in my family and my pets – can consume our daily routines. Our team at ElleVet Sciences is no different, and as a company, we are trying to remind ourselves to step back each day and look for new opportunities in crafting the best ElleVet CBD+CBDA products for pets around the nation.

While we are also using this time as space to appreciate our fur families and human loved ones, our team is also focused on reflecting on how we can make our business better and provide the best CBD+CBDA for pets possible for our ElleVet customers. We are trying to use time during this difficult crisis to focus on how to zig when everyone else is zagging, and while that can be frightening at times, it is also empowering to look forward to a brighter future. 

The team behind ElleVet CBD poses with their pets.

How We Plan to Continue to Create the Best Pet CBD Products During COVID


We are using this time to look into new opportunities for ElleVet CBD+CBDA products, and complete surveys on what our customers want and need. We have some fantastic ideas for new ElleVet Science products and where we can improve as a company. We have already developed a new ElleVet CBD+CBDA product that will be launched in May, and we are all beyond excited about it! We can’t reveal the details quite yet, but you will be hearing more in the weeks to come.

Customer Surveys

By reviewing our completed customer surveys, we have also learned more about your animal’s CBD experience, how you feel about ElleVet in general, and how we as a company can better support your (and your pets!) needs. If you did not receive a survey but would like to tell us about what you imagine for your pet’s best CBD+CBDA products, contact us and we’d appreciate the feedback!

A small white dog poses with a bottle of ElleVet CBD+CBDA oil. Norbert


Customer communication is one area where we have stepped up our efforts so we can stay connected to you and provide support during this challenging time in history. Social media, email, and phone support are all resources that we will use to keep customers informed on updates to our ElleVet CBD+CBDA products and how to support their stressed pets in quarantine. We will also be providing opportunities for customers to inform us of what they need, want, and imagine for their pet’s wellbeing. We know that right now, more than ever, everyone needs their support networks to be as strong as possible, and ElleVet is here for all our customers. 

Pet Wellness

Whole pet wellness is something we care deeply about at ElleVet. As such, we are using this time to look into creative partnerships that can help spread the word about ElleVet’s best CBD+CBDA pet products while sharing new information on other products that might help your senior pets in the future. We have the highest quality control standards and any product we recommend – whether it be food, a CBD+CBDA oil for pets, a beloved pet toy, or harness – is carefully considered and evaluated before recommendation. 

Dr. Joe Wakshlag

To help us in our evaluations, we have enlisted Dr. Joe Wakshlag to do some quick and helpful videos on our Facebook and Instagram pages to provide timely and valuable information on ElleVet’s CBD+CBDA products, senior pet issues, and relevant Covid19 updates. Dr. Wakshlag will also continue to create short videos on topics of interest and popular pet questions, so please get in touch with us if you have any questions you would like answered!

The ElleVet Project

We are also talking with industry partners about where there are pets in need and how we can work together to help. Right now, there are many people suffering from economic hardship and, unfortunately, that effect trickles down to pets and shelters. Here at ElleVet, we are spending time talking with local shelter partners and investigating areas where we can help including where we can donate orders of our best CBD+CBDA pet products, money, and how we can spread the word about fostering and adopting. Several ElleVet employees have even adopted from a local shelter and are enjoying their new family members! 

There are always opportunities and silver linings to be found, even in the most difficult of times, and we hope to take the month of April to talk to our customers, go deep into our product line, and discover new and stronger ways to help animals in need. We have asked customers for photos of their pets so we can add a “Wall of Fame (VIP – Very Important Pets)” to our website and connect our team with the wider ElleVet family and all the ElleDogs and ElleCats we have helped.

Stay tuned for exciting things to come – including new ElleVet CBD+CBDA products! – and follow us on Facebook and Instagram (if you don’t already), so we can all stay connected!

Be Well, ElleVet Family!