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Hemp/CBD Dream Team to Speak at VMX

Three Veterinarians Lined Up

Don’t miss the hottest talks on the hottest topic in Veterinary Medicine! 

Come see Dr. Joe Wakshlag, Dr. Fred Metzger and Stephen Cital as they take the stage at VMX. These renowned experts will share their insight on hemp in veterinary medicine and the three new clinical trials ElleVet is doing with Dr. Wakshlag and the University of Florida. 

On Saturday January 19 at 9 am. Room S210 D-E:

Dr. Wakshlag and Dr. Metzger will talk about upcoming clinical trials at Platelets and Cannabis: Advances in Gerontology.

On Saturday January 19 at 5:30 pm Room S320 E-H:

Dr. Wakshlag, Dr. Metzger and Stephen Cital will talk about The Future of Hemp in Veterinary Medicine: Looking Forward 5-10 Years