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Is your German Shepherd itching like crazy?

This breed of dog can be prone to a number of skin issues and often experience skin issues due to fleas, food, or environmental irritants like pollen. Do you find your German shepherd constantly itching and scratching? It is almost as hard on pet parents as it is on the dogs! ElleVet is here to help because we know it’s tough to see your dog so uncomfortable.

ElleVet’s CBD + CBDA provides dogs support for itchy skin related to a variety of triggers. German Shepherd parents use our chews, soft gels, and oils to help ease their furry best friend’s discomfort and incessant itching. Get back to happy and itch-free! See what ElleVet can do for you and your pup.

Stress issues are also quite common in German Shepherds.

Affectionate and fiercely loyal companions, these dogs love spending time with their humans and are instinctively very protective, so being left home alone can lead to stress from separation. After all, watching over their people is an important job and your German Shepherd takes it very seriously! A German Shepherd with stress from separation looks so unhappy it will break your heart every time you leave the house. They may also break the coffee table and destroy the couch. How can you help him to remain calm and happy? ElleVet’s got you covered.

ElleVet’s CBD + CBDA products can help put your German Shepherd’s active mind at ease and truly calms them without sedation. ElleVet helps them to manage their stress levels so they feel less agitated both when alone and when you come home. And we all want a happy, relaxed pup!

The only CBD + CBDA product proven to work in multiple clinical trials, including trials on itching and stress. Find out why veterinarians recommend ElleVet.


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