ellePet Working Draft

The product for dogs who are experiencing joint discomfort and stiffness or any kind of ongoing discomfort.

There is no better product for discomfort than elleMove, and this CBD+CBDA formula has been tested in a clinical trial at Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine. Over 80% of dogs on elleMove show a dramatic improvement in mobility, happiness and quality of life!

How do you know if elleMove is right for your dog?

1. Does your dog struggle to get up from his bed?

2. Does your dog have a hard time going up stairs?

3. Does he isolate himself or show less interest in toys or playfulness?

4. Has he stopped doing some of the things he used to enjoy?

The product for dogs who are experiencing stress and need help to feel calm and relaxed.

Dogs experience stress for many different reasons and at different levels of intensity, and we are here to help, from minor stress due to car rides or the intense separation stress some rescue dogs can experience.

How do you know if elleCalm is right for your dog?

1. Does your dog get agitated or destructive when you leave him alone?

2. Does your dog seem depressed when you leave him alone?

3. Does your dog pace and pant at night and have a hard time settling down?

4. Is your dog fearful at new situations or around new people?

The product for dogs you want to keep feeling their best.

How do you know if elleDaily is for your dog?

CBD+CBDA helps with many issues that dogs experience. Some dogs have both joint discomfort and stress, some have itchy skin and some have cognitive issues due to old age. If your dog has multiple issues or if you just want to keep him feeling his best, then elleDaily is the best choice for your dog.

Senior dogs often have multiple issues, and it can be hard to figure out why they are panting, or pacing, or seem stressed. Sometimes it is because they are experiencing discomfort and sometimes it is stress, or a combination of both. We wanted to make a product that would address senior dogs as a whole, for full body, everyday support.

The product for dogs who need help in certain situations.

How do you know if elleCalm&Comfort is for your dog?

Emergency situations happen, and that is why we created elleCalm&Comfort. When your dog doesn’t need help everyday but need a lot of help in certain situations, this is the right product. If your dog experiencing extreme stress of discomfort from:

1. Thunderstorms or fireworkds

2. Vet visits

3. Grooming & nail trims

4. Kennels

5. Separation issues

6. Stranger visits

7. Activity or exercise more than usual